Lubo Kaneti joins SparkMarkets as CEO

Lubo Kaneti has joined SparkMarkets as their new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Kaneti is a seasoned executive in the FX and CFDs industry. SparkMarkets is a prominent New York-based fintech solutions provider.

Lubo Kaneti joins SparkMarkets About the Appointment

Kaneti will leverage his industry experience to boost SparkMarkets’ growth and innovation. His leadership will enhance the company’s market position and technological offerings. Drawing from his fintech and trading technology background, Kaneti will implement best practices and innovative solutions to enhance SparkMarkets’ operations and client offerings. His deep understanding of market dynamics will inform strategic decisions and initiatives.

About Lubo Kaneti’s Professional Background

Lubo Kaneti has a rich professional background spanning over two decades. As COO at FXDD, he drove a remarkable 150% revenue growth, led the company to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies, and implemented an innovative value-at-risk (VaR) model, achieving significant capital efficiency with 10X less capital while maintaining near-zero employee turnover. At, he managed business development, sales, and marketing, overseeing go-to-market strategies and enhancing market presence.

About SparkMarkets

SparkMarkets, headquartered in New York, is a SAAS and technology provider offering various fintech solutions. The company focuses on enhancing the operations of FX, CFD, and DeFi trading firms globally. SparkMarkets’ technology is built on xCritical, a robust platform. It has served brokers primarily in Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, and the Middle East for over a decade. This foundation ensures reliable and innovative solutions for its clients.

Key Offerings

Trading Platform: Advanced technology supporting various trading activities.

ERP/CRM Solutions: Integrated systems for efficient business management.

Affiliate Management: Tools to manage and optimize affiliate programs.


Under Kaneti’s leadership, SparkMarkets will bring significant advancements. Kaneti’s expertise and vision will take the company to new heights, solidify its position in the fintech industry, and drive sustained growth and success.

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