FX Liquidity

FX Liquidity

Some trading companies are proud to offer its core product, high-quality it liquidity in over 100 currency pairs, to institutional clients. Its cutting-edge trading solutions provide your company with high-speed execution, ultra-low-latency, and co-located connectivity to the world’s major liquidity venues by utilizing the high-end.

It provides market access to a diverse set of tier-1 banks, non-bank liquidity providers, and funds .

Personalized liquidity management

Through the FIX API connection, it provides its clients with the ability to customize individual liquidity pools. and can create custom setups based on the needs of the client, for example

Non-bank liquidity providers are grouped together.


Without any aggregation, a single bank / non-bank feed is used.

Product range

it provides more than 100 currency pairs electronically. In addition, it offers clients on-demand individual, tailor-made product setups. Even in the absence of electronic price availability for exotic currency pairs, it can trade these products via phone orders.

It provides a give-up agreement.

It can provide its clients with give-up agreements. The benefit of such agreements is that no collateral is required as margin with it. It agrees to terms and a daily net open position limit by entering into a 3-way agreement (when it is the same PB) or a 4-way agreement (2 PBs, it, and client as a credit taker). Your Prime Broker can keep the collateral.

Their clients.

Banks and Brokers

Through specialized outsourcing strategies, it enables banks and brokers to expand their trading offering to their clients and, as a result, improve operating results.

Private Banks

It assists private banks in their efforts to innovate through trading technology. It offers a set of trading solutions that may be used either internally by trading and advisory teams or directly by digitally savvy private clients.

Fund Managers

It provides fund managers with real-time direct market access to global markets through a single account. It caters to hedge fund managers, alternative UCITs, and traditional mutual fund managers.

Money Managers and Professional Traders

It provides Professional Traders and Money Managers with real-time access to global markets through a single account.