Topstep is a leading platform dedicated to empowering traders and fostering their growth in the financial markets. With a mission to provide accessible opportunities for traders to showcase their skills and achieve success, Topstep offers innovative programs designed to support traders at every stage of their journey. Through Topstep’s unique funding programs, traders can gain access to capital to trade futures markets, all while managing risk and proving their trading proficiency.

Key Features of Topstept

Multiple Accounts

Trade with Topstep. Manage and earn from up to 3 funded accounts. Diversify your trading strategies.

Simple Payout Policy

Topstep simplifies the payout process. Traders only need to achieve 5 winning days with profits exceeding $200 to qualify for their payout, streamlining the earnings process.

Fast Payout Processing

Experience swift payout processing with Topstep. Traders can expect their earnings to be processed daily, ensuring quick access to their funds.

Funded Trader Certificate

Upon achieving funded trader status, celebrate your success by sharing your Funded Trader Certificate (FTC) on your LinkedIn profile. This certificate recognises your accomplishment and is a badge of honour in the trading community.

Why Choose Topstep for Trading Needs?


Topstep helps traders establish and maintain a consistent trading routine through a structured process of preparation, trading, and reflection, ensuring they stay focused and disciplined.

Coach T™

Get personalised statistics and actionable tips from Coach T™ to improve trading performance using data-driven insights.

50% Off First Ever Reset

New traders get a 50% discount on their first subscription reset with Topstep.


Watch TopstepTV™ for daily insights and learning opportunities from expert traders.

Free Coaching

Traders can also access personalised coaching tailored to their needs, whether through one-on-one sessions, group coaching, or a combination of both, providing valuable guidance and support to enhance their trading skills.

Trader Support

Traders receive prompt assistance and guidance from Topstep’s expert support team via live chat, ensuring they have the help they need whenever they need it.

Education Courses

Access comprehensive educational resources and courses led by trading professionals, providing in-depth insights into trading strategies and techniques to sharpen skills.

Facebook Community

Traders can connect with like-minded traders in the Topstep Facebook Community, where they can engage, share insights, and find an accountability partner to support them on their trading journey.

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