PrimeXM, a financial technology solution provider, specialises in delivering cutting-edge aggregation software, premium MT4/MT5 bridging, and white-label services. The company focuses on ultra-low-latency connectivity and offers clients top-tier institutional-grade hosting solutions. XCore is its popular offering which facilitates seamless connectivity with over 120 leading market makers and Tier-1 banks. In addition, PrimeXM provides dependable hosting and connectivity solutions that are fully customisable to suit the needs of clients ranging from startups to established financial institutions.

Key Features of PrimeXM

Ultra-Low Latency

PrimeXM’s XCore is the industry’s best trading and aggregation engine solution, catering to those who demand ultra-low latency for order management, risk assessment, and reporting needs.

Seamless Integration with MT4/MT5

Offering a turn-key solution for clients seeking to leverage the power of MT4 or MT5 platforms, the company seamlessly connects to the order management and reporting engine through MT4/MT5 bridge Technology.

Superior Hosting Solutions 

PrimeXM provides the ultimate financial hosting solutions, empowering clients to achieve unparalleled levels of ultra-low latency and superior security for their trading environments.

Dedicated Network Solutions

PrimeXM offers dedicated network solutions tailored for clients aiming to enhance their global connectivity. Additionally, these solutions cater to those seeking to provide connectivity services to their own clients, ensuring seamless and efficient network operations.

Why Choose PrimeXM for Financial Needs?

Award-Winning Technology Provider

PrimeXM has earned acclaim as an award-winning technology provider in the global financial industry for offering high-quality solutions.

Customised Solutions

From the most sophisticated aggregation software or assistance with connectivity solutions, the company’s team of experts guide their clients well. Clients can request a callback to get assistance. 

Superior Infrastructure

Recognizing the importance of meeting the high demands of the market, PrimeXM has strategically chosen Equinix LD4, NY4, TY3, SG1, and SH5 as its infrastructure hubs. These low-latency connectivity points ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Reliability and Stability

PrimeXM builds solutions that prioritize reliability and stability – two crucial factors in the fast-paced and high-stakes world of financial trading. Their platforms and infrastructure are designed to minimise downtime and ensure seamless operations for clients.


PrimeXM’s solutions are designed to be scalable, allowing clients to adapt and grow their businesses without limitations. Whether a startup or a large financial institution, PrimeXM can scale its solutions to meet clients’ evolving needs.

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