Based in London, Checkout is a leading financial technology firm renowned for its cutting-edge payments platform. The company is trusted by enterprises and rapidly expanding businesses alike and offers cloud-based solutions such as seamless payment processing, facilitating payouts, and overseeing card programs with high efficiency. The company has a global presence with offices spanning key cities such as New York, Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong, and more across six continents. Businesses use Checkout to elevate their acceptance rates, reduce processing expenses, prevent fraudulent activities, and offer exceptional customer journeys.

Key Features of Checkout

Unified Payments Platform

It provides businesses with a comprehensive payment platform consolidating various payment methods, currencies, and channels into a unified solution. This simplifies payment processing and management for businesses of all sizes.

Global Payment Acceptance

With Checkout, businesses can accept payments from customers worldwide, supporting over 150 currencies and numerous payment methods, including major credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and local payment methods. This enables businesses to expand their global reach and cater to diverse customer preferences.

Optimised Conversion

It helps businesses optimise conversion rates by offering a seamless checkout experience across devices and channels. With customisable checkout flows and advanced fraud prevention measures, businesses can minimise friction in the payment process and maximise conversions.


Businesses can efficiently manage payouts to vendors, partners, and affiliates using’s payout functionality. This feature streamlines the process of disbursing funds while ensuring speed, security, and compliance.

Intelligent Acceptance

Utilising AI, a global data network, and deep expertise, Checkout’s Intelligent Acceptance feature maximises acceptance rates while minimising routing costs. By harnessing advanced technology, businesses can optimise their revenue streams and enhance payment processing efficiency.


With Checkout’s Issuing feature, businesses can launch and manage their card programs effortlessly. This one-stop issuing shop empowers organisations to create custom cards tailored to their brand while also enabling them to earn a share of interchange revenue. 

Why Choose Checkout for Payment Needs?

High Performance

Leveraging advanced technology and infrastructure, it delivers high-performance payment processing solutions that optimise acceptance rates, enhance transaction speed, and ensure reliability, even during peak demand.

Cost Efficiency

By offering competitive pricing and transparent fee structures, Checkout helps businesses reduce processing costs and maximise their bottom line, allowing them to allocate resources more effectively and drive profitability.

Fraud Prevention

Checkout prioritises security and fraud prevention via Identity verification and Fraud Detection programs, leveraging machine learning algorithms and real-time risk analysis to safeguard transactions and minimise the risk of fraudulent activities.

Customisation and Flexibility

With Checkout, businesses can tailor payment experiences, such as online, mobile, and subscription payments, according to their unique requirements. Whether designing custom checkout flows, implementing dynamic routing rules, or integrating with third-party platforms and systems, Checkout has got businesses covered.

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