VT Markets Welcomes Ahmad Qutaishat as MENA Sales Director

VT Markets, a prominent Retail FX and CFDs broker, has expanded its team with Ahmad Qutaishat’s appointment as Sales Director for the MENA region.

About the Appointment 

VT Markets appoints Ahmad Qutaishat as Sales Director for MENA, drawing from his extensive experience at Equiti Group. Ahmad Qutaishat brings over five and a half years of invaluable experience from his previous role as Sales Vice President at Equiti Group, a leading MENA-based broker. VT Markets has shown its commitment to strengthening its regional presence with recent hires like Heena Sharma as HR Manager MENA. 

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What Does It Mean for Users?

The appointment of Ahmad Qutaishat as Sales Director for the MENA region at VT Markets holds several implications for users:

Enhanced Client Experience

Ahmad Qutaishat’s experience promises a customer-centric approach in MENA services. His background in sales leadership suggests a focus on understanding and meeting the needs of VT Markets’ clients.

Expanded Support Network

VT Markets’ recent staffing up in the MENA region, including the addition of Heena Sharma as HR Manager MENA, indicates a commitment to strengthening the support infrastructure. This could translate into improved assistance and resources available to users, ensuring smoother interactions and efficient problem resolution.

Localised Expertise

VT Markets hires Ahmad Qutaishat as Sales Director for the MENA market. This localised approach may lead to tailored solutions and services that resonate more effectively with regional users.

About VT Markets

VT Markets is a retail Forex and CFD broker that offers trading services to clients globally. The company provides a range of financial instruments for trading. These instruments include Forex, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, along with access to popular trading platforms like MT4 and MT5. VT Markets has 200k+ client accounts and a monthly trade volume of over $200 billion.

Way Forward

Ahmad Qutaishat is now Sales Director for MENA at VT Markets, indicating the company’s intention to grow its market share in the region. The company aims to be a top player in the FX and CFDs brokerage industry by expanding, providing excellent service, and complying with regulations.

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