Tradeweb Seals Partnership With Aladdin to Next Phase

Tradeweb Markets Inc. (Nasdaq: TW) has announced a significant advancement in integrating with BlackRock’s Aladdin order execution management system (OEMS), expanding opportunities for Aladdin users to access enhanced liquidity. 

Through the next phase of collaboration, Aladdin users trading U.S. and European Credit can leverage Tradeweb AllTrade, the platform’s anonymous liquidity network, to tap into new liquidity pools and market sectors.

How Will Tradeweb and Aladdin’s Partnership Benefit the Traders?

The partnership with Aladdin was initiated in December 2022, and Tradeweb announced its plans to roll out enhanced liquidity pools for the Aladdin traders. Let’s see how the traders will benefit from this partnership. 

Enhanced Liquidity Network Access

Aladdin users can now access Tradeweb AllTrade, a comprehensive all-to-all network offering with expanded liquidity and connectivity. Tradeweb AllTrade has already demonstrated its significance, representing 32% of in-comp RFQ for High-Grade credit and 44% for High Yield credit year-to-date through November.

New Liquidity Pools 

The partnership enables Aladdin users to access new and diverse liquidity pools when trading US and European credit. The users will benefit from enhanced transparency, efficiency, and intelligence when trading across various asset classes.

Access to Dealerweb Sweep

Tradeweb and Aladdin Partnership

Aladdin users can tap into Rematch, which provides access to billions of unmatched risks from Tradeweb’s Dealerweb Sweep. Sweep is a trading platform that allows voice and electronic order book trading. It has over 25 sessions every week across 10 global products and is proliferating. It is regarded as one of the fastest-growing dealer-to-dealer businesses.

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Fixed-income Trading Opportunities

The integration extends Aladdin users’ reach to Tradeweb Direct, providing direct access to liquidity and market opportunities. The company offers a solution for managing fixed-income portfolios with seamless connectivity, order validation, and post-trade execution. 

The platform offers various features to assist users in managing their investments and making informed decisions. Whether new or experienced, users can achieve their investment goals with this solution.

About Tradeweb

Tradeweb is a leading provider of online trading in fixed-income, ETFs, and derivatives. The platform has been instrumental in shaping the financial market with its innovative solutions and comprehensive networks that enable seamless global transactions for institutional clients.

About Aladdin

Aladdin, BlackRock’s renowned order execution management system, is a powerful platform with extensive OEMS capabilities and a broad institutional client base. Aladdin streamlines credit workflows, ensuring efficiency and transparency.

Way Forward

Traders can expect more features to navigate the market’s changes as the collaboration progresses. Tradeweb and BlackRock are planning to introduce new features, such as direct access to Tradeweb’s RFQ and Automated Intelligent Execution (AiEX) protocols, as part of their partnership expansion.

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