Hantec Markets Appoints Rajan Naik as Global Head of Marketing

Hantec Markets, a leading retail FX and CFDs broker, has named Rajan Naik its new Global Head of Marketing. In his new role, Rajan will operate from Dubai.

About Rajan Naik’s Appointment 

Hantec Markets has appointed Rajan Naik as its new Global Head of Marketing. Based in Dubai, Naik will be responsible for shaping the company’s marketing vision, overseeing global strategies, and enhancing the Hantec Markets brand. 

With over 15 years of industry experience, including a recent role as Head of Marketing at INFINOX, Naik brings extensive expertise in brand expansion and marketing initiatives. His appointment is part of Hantec Markets’ broader effort to strengthen its leadership team, which has recently seen several key promotions.

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What Does It Mean?

Here is what it means for traders. 

Enhanced Marketing Strategy

With Rajan Naik at the helm as Global Head of Marketing, users can expect a more refined and targeted marketing approach from Hantec Markets. His extensive experience in the industry ensures that marketing campaigns will be strategically designed to resonate with retail and institutional clients.

Stronger Brand Presence

Raj’s expertise in brand expansion, honed during his tenure at INFINOX, will likely result in a stronger and more recognisable Hantec Markets brand. Users would benefit from increased brand credibility and visibility, which can enhance trust and attract more traders to the platform.

Improved User Experience

With a focus on strategic business milestones and market share growth, Hantec Markets, under Raj’s marketing leadership, will likely invest in enhancing the overall user experience. This could include more educational content, better customer support, and more user-friendly interfaces on their trading platforms.

Long-Term Growth and Stability

With a seasoned marketing expert like Rajan guiding the marketing strategies, Hantec Markets will have long-term growth and stability. Users can expect a well-orchestrated approach to market expansion, leading to new features, enhanced trading conditions, and a better trading environment.

About Hantec Markets

Hantec Markets Ltd was established in 1990 and is a subsidiary of Hantec Group, located in London. Hantec Markets is one of the Most Trusted Brokers in the Asia region. It operates in multiple countries, offering forex, bullion, and CFD services to clients, including IB, direct sales, and corporate clients. It is regulated in multiple regions, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Mauritius.

Way Ahead

Rajan Naik’s appointment marks a significant step for Hantec Markets as it aims to accelerate its growth and market presence. With Naik’s extensive marketing expertise, the company will enhance its global strategies and brand recognition. The company plans to strengthen its leadership team, expand its product offerings, and grow its client base. 

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