GBE Prime


GBE Prime, a division of GBE Brokers Limited, was introduced to serve the institutional needs of GBE’s clientele. It has evolved towards the institutional sphere since mid-2015. GBE Prime ensures a profound comprehension of the diverse requirements of retail brokers in terms of FX and CFD liquidity.

Features of GBE Prime 

Institutional Focus

The company is dedicated to serving the institutional needs of clients, offering specialised services tailored to meet the demands of professional traders, asset managers, and financial institutions.

Industry Expertise

With a team of industry veterans, GBE Prime brings extensive expertise and experience in retail and institutional brokerage, ensuring a deep understanding of clients’ requirements and preferences.

FX and CFD Liquidity

It provides access to robust FX and CFD liquidity, allowing clients to execute trades efficiently and capitalise on market opportunities across various instruments.

Advanced Technology

The company offers advanced trading tools and platforms for seamless user experience.

Transparent Pricing

The company offers competitive pricing, enabling clients to optimize trading costs and maximize returns.

Why Should You Choose GBE Prime for Brokerage Needs?

Comprehensive Liquidity Solutions

The company provides deep liquidity pools for FX and CFD trading, ensuring competitive pricing, high fill rates, and minimal slippage across different asset classes.

Competitive Pricing

It offers competitive pricing and transparent fee structures, allowing institutions to optimise trading costs and maximise profitability while accessing premium liquidity and execution services.

Risk Management Solutions

The company provides risk management tools and solutions to help institutions mitigate market risk, manage exposure, and protect portfolios.

Global Reach

GBE Prime provides global market access and liquidity from financial hubs in London and Limassol, enabling confident trading across multiple jurisdictions.

Personalised Support

The company offers personalized support with dedicated account managers and 24/7 customer service for a seamless trading experience.

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