Finalto Asia and oneZero Enhance Asia-Pacific Trading Liquidity

Finalto Asia, a prominent player in global financial markets, has recently intensified its footprint in the Asia-Pacific region by partnering with oneZero. This partnership will redefine the trading liquidity space for traders and financial institutions across the Asia-Pacific region.

About the Partnership

oneZero’s advanced technology platforms provide enhanced liquidity options, facilitate better access to financial markets, and offer robust trading experiences for clients. This partnership will develop a more interconnected and fluid trading environment. It will ensure traders have competitive pricing and a wide range of trading instruments. oneZero’s technology offers speed, reliability, and global market access. Traders will have faster response times to market movements.

Benefits for Traders

The partnership will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Enhanced Market Access

This collaboration increases market access for traders and investors in the Asia-Pacific region. Customers gain entry to numerous financial markets and instruments with oneZero’s advanced trading platform and Finalto’s deep liquidity pools. It facilitates diversified trading strategies and allows traders to capitalize on global market opportunities.

Speedy Trade Execution 

The integration increases the speed of trade execution. Traders can expect reduced latency and faster response times. They can capitalize on short-lived trading opportunities. It directly impacts the effectiveness of trading strategies for high-frequency traders and those relying on timely market action.

Enhanced Pricing and Liquidity

The synergy provides more competitive pricing and enhanced liquidity for trading customers. It ensures that traders have access to tight spreads and deep liquidity pools, reduces slippage, and improves profitability. 

Reliability and Stability

oneZero’s technology platform has strong performance and resilience. The partnership with Finalto Asia improves these qualities. Traders get a secure and stable trading infrastructure.

Advanced Trading Tools

Traders also get advanced trading tools and analytics. These tools help traders make more informed decisions by analyzing market trends, executing automated trading strategies, and managing risk more effectively. 

About the Collaborators

Both partners have unique strengths they will combine to offer enhanced liquidity:


Andrew Ralich and Jesse Johnson established OneZero in 2009. The company specializes in multi-asset class enterprise trading technology. It serves retail brokers, institutional brokers, banks, and liquidity providers. It operates globally with development and operations centres on several continents. The platform comprises the Hub, EcoSystem, and Data Source and offers a solution for trading technology, distribution, and analytics. The company is liquidity neutral and independent and manages over $100B in average daily volume and billions of quotes daily.

Finalto Asia

Finalto Asia provides financial services, including liquidity, risk management, and brokerage solutions. It specializes in B2B and B2C markets and emphasizes innovation and customer-centric solutions. The company is expanding its technology and operational footprint in Asia with low-latency trading and data centre development in Singapore. Finalto offers technological advancement and superior service in the Asian market.

Looking Ahead

The partnership will provide enhanced liquidity, connectivity, and superior trading technologies, ensuring that clients in the Asia-Pacific region have premier trading solutions. 

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