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FX2 is a dynamic trading platform empowering traders worldwide to achieve their financial goals. With a focus on accessibility, profitability, and simplicity, FX2 offers a unique opportunity for traders to access funded accounts of up to $200k while retaining up to 85% of their profits. Its super-simple rules and the lowest costs in the industry sets the company apart. This means traders can qualify for funded accounts quickly and efficiently without unnecessary hurdles or complexities.

Features of FX2 Funding

Access to Funded Accounts

FX2 provides traders access to funded trading accounts, allowing them to trade with capital provided by the platform.

1-step Evaluation

FX2 Funding offers a straightforward and equitable evaluation process, providing traders with a clear path to success and access to funded accounts.

Lowest Cost Evaluation

FX2 offers a one-stage evaluation process with super-simple rules, ensuring the lowest costs for traders seeking to qualify for funded accounts.

Streamlined Process

FX2 offers a streamlined process for accessing funded accounts, making it quick and easy for traders to get started.

Accessible to All Traders

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, FX2 welcomes traders of all levels and backgrounds, offering opportunities for growth and success.

Industry Insights

FX2 provides an in-depth industry analysis, empowering traders with valuable insights and knowledge to make informed trading decisions.

Why Should You Choose F2X Funding for Trading Needs?

Diverse Trading Style

Traders can pursue their preferred trading methods, whether copy trading, using expert advisors (EAs), scalping, or trading the news, FX2 supports their styles to maximise profitability.

High-Profit Split

With FX2 Funding, traders can retain up to 85% of their trading profits, ensuring they reap the rewards of their successful trades.

Quick Payouts

FX2 Funding ensures traders have timely access to their profits by allowing them to request payouts every 14 days after the initial seven-day period, facilitating financial stability and flexibility for traders.

No Time Limits

Traders can trade at their own pace with FX2 Funding without the pressure of strict time constraints. Whether it takes a day, a month, or a year to get their account funded, FX2 accommodates their timeline.

Refundable Evaluation Fee

FX2 Funding refunds the evaluation fee upon successfully receiving the funded account and requesting the first payout.


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