XTB Introduces Autoinvest Feature in the UK

In a strategic move to enhance investment opportunities in the UK, XTB, the global fintech giant, has unveiled its latest offering – the Autoinvest feature. This new functionality, embedded within XTB’s ETF-based Investment Plans, allows investors in the UK to engage in regular and automated investing seamlessly.

XTB Introduces Autoinvest Feature – What’s in it?

In tandem with the Autoinvest launch, XTB has initiated a comprehensive marketing campaign across the UK. The campaign aims to educate and showcase the myriad benefits of this new offering, emphasizing the advantages of automated, long-term passive investing.

Passive Portfolio Management

Aligned with XTB’s overarching philosophy of ‘one app – many possibilities,’ the introduction of the Autoinvest feature expands the platform’s passive investing footprint. This move caters to the needs of long-term investors who seek a hands-free approach to portfolio management. The company envisions this strategic addition will provide users hassle-free and efficient means of growing their wealth.

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Flexibility and User-Friendly Features

Under the Investment Plans umbrella, clients can create up to 10 portfolios, each comprising up to nine ETFs. The Autoinvest functionality, a pivotal feature of these plans, offers unparalleled flexibility. 

Investors can set up, modify, or cancel autoinvest preferences anytime through the intuitive XTB app. With this control level, clients can easily change their investment strategies to align with their evolving financial objectives.

How to Set Up Autoinvest on XTB?

Setting up and maintaining Investment Plans is free, making this innovative feature accessible to all, with a meager starting investment of just £15. Investors can now navigate investing with greater ease, control, and efficiency through XTB’s Autoinvest feature.

About XTB

XTB is a well-established global FX & CFD broker with almost 20 years of experience. As a publicly listed company, it is one of the largest brokers in the industry. Operating in over 13 countries, including the UK, Poland, Germany, France, and Chile, XTB provides retail traders immediate access to diverse global markets. Renowned for its commitment to innovation, XTB continues to empower traders with cutting-edge platforms. 


XTB’s commitment to expanding its services in passive investments is evident with this latest move. Following the recent introduction of interest rates on uninvested funds, the Autoinvest feature further underscores the company’s dedication to providing diverse and investor-friendly financial solutions. 

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