Why Brokers Choose Seychelles for Brokerage License?

The Seychelles is attractive in the international financial services industry due to its favourable regulatory framework. The Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) manages the issuance and regulation of brokerage licenses in Seychelles. It ensures compliance with international standards. The license allows companies to trade securities either as principals or agents.

Types of Brokerage Licenses

Seychelles offers various licenses for forex and securities dealing, including:

Dealer License

For companies engaging in trading, brokerage, and market-making in financial instruments, including forex.

Investment Advisor License

For offering investment advice, strategic currency trading, and investment advice.

Specially Licensed Company License (CSL)

Suitable for numerous activities, including forex trading.

Commercial Company License (IBC)

For companies engaging in international business, offering flexibility and privacy.

Why Brokers Choose Seychelles for Brokerage License?

Brokers choose Seychelles as their preferred jurisdiction for obtaining a brokerage license due to the various advantages it offers:

Streamlined Regulatory Framework

Seychelles has a well-structured regulatory environment. It reduces bureaucratic hurdles and makes it easier for businesses to comply. Its regulatory system aligns with international standards that maintain a reputable status in the global financial market.


Seychelles provides a cost-effective solution for setting up and maintaining a brokerage business. It has low startup and ongoing costs. The country has a minimal capital requirement of $50,000 for a securities dealer license. It is easier for startups and smaller firms to enter the market here.

Favorable Tax Regime

It offers a 1.5% tax rate on offshore earnings, one of the lowest in the world. A growing network of double taxation treaties improves tax efficiency for businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions.

Geographical Location

Seychelles’ location is an ideal bridge between African and Asian markets. It offers advantages for brokers looking to explore emerging markets. Its business-friendly policies make it attractive for international businesses. The IBC model is appealing for its flexibility and global recognition.

Operational and Strategic Flexibility

Seychelles offers several types of brokerage licenses. They serve numerous financial services, including forex, securities dealing, and investment advice. Firms can tailor their services to specific market needs and client demands. 


Seychelles offers high confidentiality for business owners and investors. Information on company owners, directors, and shareholders is not publicly accessible. It protects the investor interests.

Facilitation of International Trade

The regulatory and corporate framework in Seychelles facilitates easy access to international markets. It allows brokerage firms to operate globally with fewer restrictions.

Speedy Licensing Process

Seychelles has one of the fastest licensing processes, usually within 90 days.


Seychelles offers a reputable, cost-effective, and tax-efficient jurisdiction. It is an ideal destination for brokerage firms to expand their business. 

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