TT starts offering its clients access to the Abaxx Exchange

Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT) has announced that it now offers its clients access to Abaxx Exchange, a global commodity futures exchange and clearinghouse. TT is a global capital markets technology platform provider that connects major international exchanges and liquidity venues. 

About the Partnership

The market launch of Abaxx Exchange occurred on June 28. This launch will leverage TT’s robust technology to facilitate access to Abaxx’s innovative market offerings. TT clients can trade energy and carbon derivatives contracts on the Abaxx Exchange. This access gives TT clients unique opportunities to manage risks and discover prices in the evolving energy and carbon markets. Additionally, Abaxx Exchange will soon offer solutions for battery metals, further expanding the range of tradable products for TT’s clients.

Benefits for Traders 

This offering will provide numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Enhanced Risk Management

Through the centrally cleared, physically deliverable contracts, traders and investors will have improved risk management tools. They provide a reliable mechanism to hedge against price fluctuations in energy and carbon markets.

Improved Price Discovery

The Abaxx Exchange offers better price discovery in key markets such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) and carbon. The advanced TT platform facilitates seamless trading. It ensures that participants have real-time market data and execute trades efficiently.

Seamless Trading Experience

The integration will ensure a seamless trading experience. The TT platform’s robust infrastructure supports high-speed trade execution, comprehensive market data solutions, and reliable order management, so traders will operate with greater efficiency and confidence.

Strategic Partner Support

Trading Technologies and Abaxx Exchange collaborate to bring together industry-leading expertise and resources. Traders and investors benefit from these two entities’ combined knowledge and strategic support, ensuring access to innovative trading solutions and market insights that drive successful investment strategies.

Access to European Power Markets

In addition to Abaxx Exchange, TT’s recent connectivity to the European Power Exchange (EPEX SPOT) allows clients to trade European physical power markets. This expanded access provides additional opportunities for diversification and engagement in one of the largest power markets globally, enhancing the overall trading potential for TT clients.

About the Collaborators

Both partners will combine their strengths to offer the best services:

Trading Technologies 

Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT) is a global provider of capital markets technology. Its TT® platform facilitates connections to major international exchanges and liquidity venues. TT serves Tier 1 banks, brokers, hedge funds, proprietary traders, and commercial hedgers. It provides advanced tools for trade execution, order management, market data solutions, analytics, trade surveillance, risk management, clearing, and post-trade allocation.

Abaxx Exchange

Abaxx Exchange is a global commodity futures exchange and clearinghouse based in Singapore. It is committed to building Smarter Markets, markets enhanced by better tools, benchmarks, and technology. Through innovative market solutions, Abaxx aims to address significant societal challenges, including climate change and the energy transition. Abaxx Exchange currently offers five new commodity benchmark futures contracts. These contracts are centrally cleared and physically deliverable, providing market participants with improved price discovery and enhanced risk management tools. 


The partnership shows significant advancement in the capital markets industry. This collaboration will strengthen TT’s service offerings and support the broader energy transition by facilitating smarter, more efficient markets.

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