TT Partners with Hidden Road to Expand Services

Trading Technologies (TT) has partnered with Hidden Road to expand services. This collaboration will leverage TT’s advanced trading platform and Hidden Road’s prime brokerage services to offer a unified multi-asset trading solution. It will enhance trading efficiency and streamline workflows.

TT Partners with Hidden Road – About the Partnership

The partnership will integrate TT’s trading platform with Hidden Road’s prime brokerage services. It will provide a seamless trading experience, multiple asset classes, improved execution speed, and enhanced risk management capabilities. The TT platform offers high performance, reliability, and extensive functionalities. Hidden Road clients will get a single platform to support trading across multiple asset classes, including equities, futures, options, and cryptocurrencies. 

Benefits for Traders 

This partnership will offer numerous benefits to clients:

Unified Multi-Asset Trading Platform

Traders and investors get a comprehensive platform that supports trading across multiple asset classes, including equities, futures, options, and cryptocurrencies. It reduces the complexity of managing various trading systems.

Enhanced Trading Efficiency

The integration offers improved trade order entry, faster execution speeds, and enhanced workflow automation. Traders can capitalise on market opportunities more effectively.

Expanded Market Access

With the expanded cross-asset coverage, traders and investors can explore multiple trading instruments. This helps them manage risks and seize opportunities across different markets.

Advanced Risk Management

The collaboration provides sophisticated risk management tools. It helps traders and investors monitor and mitigate risks. This ensures more secure and informed trading decisions.

Cost Efficiency

Traders and investors can reduce the costs of maintaining multiple systems by consolidating trading activities into one platform. It offers better overall profitability.

Continuous Innovation

The partnership promises ongoing development and enhancements to the trading platform. It ensures that traders and investors have the latest technological advancements and features.

About the Partners

Both partners will combine their powers to provide the best services to clients:

Trading Technologies

Trading Technologies (TT) develops professional trading software. It offers a high-performance platform for trade order entry, risk management, and data analytics. TT aims to provide advanced trading solutions that enhance efficiency and performance in global markets. Its platform supports trading across multiple asset classes and offers a complete toolset for trading activities.

Hidden Road

Hidden Road is a prime brokerage firm. It provides clearing, execution, and financing solutions to hedge funds, asset managers, and proprietary trading firms. The firm adapts to market demands and regulatory changes. Hidden Road aims to offer exhaustive brokerage services that enhance trading efficiency and client satisfaction.

Future Outlook

The partnership will foster continuous innovation and development. This alliance will set new standards in the trading industry. They will strengthen the competitive edge of both companies and deliver superior trading solutions.

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