True Forex Funds to Relaunch Next Week Amidst Licensing Woes

Following the alleged termination of its MT4 and MT5 licences by MetaQuotes, True Forex Funds, a Hungary-based proprietary trading platform, recently halted its operations. However, despite this setback, the company has announced plans to resume its activities next week, signalling a determined effort to navigate the challenges.

True Forex Funds to Relaunch Next Week – What’s it?

Recently, True Forex Funds faced trading disruptions as its MT4 and MT5 licences were allegedly terminated by MetaQuotes quite abruptly. True Forex Fund to resume operations on 19th February with a focus on enhancing traders’ experience. 

What Does It Mean for True Forex Funds Users?

True Forex Funds relaunch brings with it a promise of an improved trading experience for its users. Here is what else the users can expect. 

Seamless Trading Experience

True Forex Funds has stated that it is looking to offer a streamlined and enhanced trading experience to its users. Despite the setbacks encountered, the relaunch will ease the concerns of users, and they can start using the platform seamlessly.

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Integration of Platforms

True Forex Funds will soon launch its cTrader platform as part of its efforts to enhance user experience. The company is working to synchronize all user accounts, including those on MetaTrader, for flawless processes and trading conditions.

Possible Migration to a Different Broker

True Forex is working to reinstate its licences with MetaQuotes. If negotiations fail, trading accounts may be moved to another broker. So, users of True Forex need to be prepared for this.

About True Forex Funds

True Forex Funds is a dynamic proprietary trading company that offers groundbreaking technology and modern solutions to traders looking to advance their careers. The company offers a grant of up to $400,000 to traders who pass its 2-Phase Evaluation Process. At True Forex Funds, traders can access a wide range of tools and resources to help them excel in the world of trading.

Way Forward 

True Forex Funds is well-positioned to overcome challenges and emerge stronger than ever. The company has already prioritised negotiation efforts and is trying to overcome existing licensing challenges. With its plan to launch the cTrader platform, users can expect to enjoy an exceptional trading experience.

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