TradingView Announces Broker Integration with InnovestX

TradingView announces its latest broker integration, extending its reach to Thai investors. The platform welcomes InnovestX, a leading securities company in Thailand renowned for its comprehensive portfolio of investment opportunities. This collaboration represents a milestone for TradingView, marking its first partnership with a prominent broker based in Thailand.

TradingView Integrates InnovestX on its Platform

InnovestX, the financial and investment flagship of SCBX group, has integrated with TradingView strategically. This collaboration aims to provide traders with convenient access to diverse asset classes, including Offshore Stocks, Thai Stocks, Offshore Funds, Bonds, Digital Assets, and Intelligent Portfolios. Traders can leverage TradingView’s best-in-class charting and analytical tools to make well-informed investment decisions.

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What Does it Mean for the Traders?

For the trading community in Thailand, connecting their preferred brokerage to the platform is now possible. This enables users to conduct research, analyze charts, and execute trades seamlessly.

  • Empowerment of Traders: The integration between TradingView and InnovestX aims to empower traders by providing them with enhanced user experiences.
  • Expanded Trading Possibilities: Traders will benefit from an expanded range of trading possibilities facilitated by InnovestX’s integration, allowing them to explore diverse asset classes.
  • Meeting Diverse Investor Needs: InnovestX, known for its commitment to meeting diverse investor needs, ensures that Thai individuals can access a broad range of investment opportunities.
  • Strengthened Regional Leadership: The collaboration further solidifies InnovestX’s position as a trusted leader in investment and digital asset services within the ASEAN region.
  • Access to Comprehensive Services: Traders can now access a comprehensive portfolio of services offered by InnovestX, contributing to a more robust and inclusive trading environment.
  • Improved Accessibility: The integration with TradingView enhances accessibility for traders, providing them with seamless access to InnovestX’s offerings and features.

About TradingView

TradingView is a dynamic platform that constantly seeks to expand its global presence. With this collaboration with InnovestX, TradingView further solidifies its position as a preferred choice for traders seeking comprehensive charting and analytical tools. The integration enhances the platform’s capabilities, allowing users to trade Thai stocks seamlessly.

About InnovestX

InnovestX, as the financial and investment flagship of SCBX group, is dedicated to fostering its clients’ financial growth through continuous innovation and technological advancements. The company caters to the diverse needs of investors, laying a solid foundation for the future of finance. InnovestX aspires to emerge as a trusted investment and digital asset services leader in the ASEAN region.

Looking Ahead

InnovestX is constantly working to enhance user trading experiences. Traders can access the platform’s trading panel on TradingView, enter their brokerage account credentials, and start trading Thai stocks. By collaborating with TradingView, InnovestX promises even more advancements for an integrated trading experience.

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