TradeStation Securities Adds AI Trading Bots in Partnership with Option Circle

TradeStation Securities is partnering with Option Circle to include AI-powered trading bots on its platform. This collaboration will enhance the trading experience for TradeStation’s users by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Features of the AI Trading Bots

Option Circle’s AI trading bots analyse market data, identify trading opportunities, and execute trades automatically. They use advanced machine learning algorithms to continuously improve their trading strategies based on historical and real-time data. Users can use AI-driven trading tools straight from their TradeStation accounts.

Key Functionalities and Capabilities of the Bots:

  • The bots can analyse vast market data to identify trends and patterns.
  • The bots can execute trades automatically based on predefined criteria.
  • The bots include features for setting stop-loss and take-profit levels.
  • The bots continuously optimise trading strategies using machine learning.
  • Traders can monitor the bots’ performance in real-time and make adjustments.

Benefits for Traders 

The integration of AI bots will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Enhanced Trading Efficiency

AI trading bots execute trades faster and more accurately. This speed and precision help traders capitalise on market opportunities promptly, reduce the risk of missed trades, and improve trading efficiency.

Consistent Performance

AI bots operate based on predefined algorithms, ensuring consistent execution of trading strategies. It helps remove emotional bias from trading and provides more disciplined and reliable trading performance.

Advanced Tools

The partnership provides advanced AI tools previously only available to institutional investors. Now, individual traders can compete on a more level playing field.


AI bots save traders time they would otherwise spend on market analysis and trade execution, allowing them to focus on more important aspects of their investment strategies.

Increased Market Participation

AI bots can encourage more traders to participate by simplifying complex trading tasks and providing advanced tools. AI bots make trading more accessible and can increase market liquidity and activity.

About Partners

Both collaborators will join their tools to offer the best trading services:

TradeStation Securities

TradeStation Securities is a subsidiary of TradeStation Group, Inc. It is a self-clearing brokerage. The company offers equities, options, futures, and futures options trading services. It is a securities broker-dealer, futures commission merchant (FCM) and a member of major U.S. equities and futures exchanges. It aims to provide innovative financial technology tools to deliver a flawless trading experience. 

Option Circle

Option Circle is an advanced financial technology company specialising in AI and machine learning-driven trading solutions. It aims to revolutionise trading. Option Circle offers innovative tools to empower traders to make data-driven decisions. They provide real-time market analysis, automated trading execution, and risk management. AI and bot trading are at the core of Option Circle’s offerings. 


The collaboration will deliver numerous benefits to traders, from improved trading accuracy to enhanced market insights. This partnership can bring more groundbreaking developments with continuously evolving AI technology.

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