TradeStation and CQG Unite to Enhance Multi-Asset Trading

TradeStation Securities and CQG have partnered to improve multi-asset trading for clients. TradeStation Securities offers self-clearing brokerage services. CQG provides high-performance trading, market data, and technical analysis tools. This association will improve TradeStation’s multi-asset brokerage abilities with CQG’s advanced analytics and tools.

TradeStation and CQG Unite What it Means?

CQG will combine equities and futures trading capabilities on a single platform. It will streamline the trading process to make it efficient and user-friendly. Clients will have a platform that allows seamless switching between different asset classes. It will improve the overall trading experience at TradeStation Securities.

Multi-asset Trading Capabilities for the Traders

This collaboration will bring multiple benefits to traders and investors using their services:

Advanced Analytical Tools

The collaboration introduces CQG’s enhanced analytics into the TradeStation Securities platform. It will offer better market insights and improved trading strategies to make informed trading decisions. 

Streamlined Multi-Asset Trading Experience

TradeStation clients can manage a diverse portfolio efficiently by integrating equities and futures trading capabilities on a single platform. They will not need multiple trading systems and have less operational complexity.

Enhanced Trading Efficiency

The alliance combines CQG’s server-side order management tools and TradeStation’s multi-asset brokerage services. It will enhance trade execution speed and efficiency for active traders requiring quick and reliable market access.

Future Industry Trends

This collaboration will influence future trends in the brokerage industry, encouraging the development of more integrated, multi-asset platforms. It highlights a growing focus on comprehensive and user-friendly trading solutions in the financial technology sector.

TradeStation Securities

TradeStation Securities is a subsidiary of TradeStation Group, Inc. This brokerage is self-clearing and provides services for trading equities, options, futures, and futures options. As a securities broker-dealer and futures commission merchant (FCM), it is a member of major U.S. equities and futures exchanges. Its goal is to offer innovative financial technology tools that can deliver a seamless trading experience.


CQG provides high-performance trade routing, global market data, and advanced technical analysis tools. It provides Direct Market Access (DMA) to over 45 exchanges worldwide, serving traders, brokers, commercial hedgers, and exchanges. It enhances trading capabilities via innovative technology. 


The collaboration will significantly impact the financial markets and trading community. It will set a new standard for multi-asset trading and brokerage services. The partnership will prompt further progress in financial technology. It will lead to user-friendly and comprehensive trading solutions in the industry.

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