TRAction and oneZero Collaborate for Enhanced Integration

In a joint effort to increase trade reporting capabilities, TRAction, a prominent provider of trade reporting services, and oneZero, a leading multi-asset enterprise trading technology solutions provider, have introduced a new enhancement to their existing integration.

TRAction and oneZero Collaborate – About the New Features

TRAction specialises in regulatory reporting, offering brokers pre-built integrations with trading platforms to simplify compliance processes. The recent integration enables TRAction to seamlessly extract trade data from oneZero’s cloud-based business intelligence toolkit, Data Source. This enhancement facilitates automated and efficient compliance management, addressing existing and upcoming regulatory requirements such as EMIR Refit, ASIC, and MAS rewrites.

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What Does It Mean for Users?

Here is what users can expect from this partnership. 

Automated Compliance Management

The integration between TRAction and oneZero automates the regulatory reporting process for brokers. By seamlessly extracting trade data from oneZero’s cloud-based business intelligence toolkit, Data Source, TRAction ensures that regulatory obligations are met accurately and efficiently. This automation reduces the need for manual intervention, minimising the risk of errors and ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory requirements.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

Leveraging oneZero’s robust trade and quote data series, TRAction can access high-quality data essential for regulatory reporting. This enhanced data quality improves reporting accuracy, reducing the likelihood of submission discrepancies or inconsistencies. Brokers can have confidence in the integrity of their data, knowing that it meets regulatory standards and requirements.

Streamlined Processes

Brokers can save time and resources by eliminating manual data entry and processing tasks. This efficiency enables brokers to focus on their core business activities while ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates. Additionally, streamlined processes contribute to a more agile and responsive regulatory compliance framework, allowing brokers to adapt quickly to regulation changes or reporting requirements.

About TRAction 

Founded in Australia in 2015 by Sophie Gerber and Quinn Perrott, TRAction rapidly extended its operations to European markets by 2016. The company has expertise in regulatory trade and transaction reporting and offers financial and regulatory technology services to different geographies, including Europe and Asia Pacific. As a delegated service provider, TRAction is an intermediary connecting regulated financial firms with licensed Trade Repositories (TR) and/or Approved Reporting Mechanisms (ARM), facilitating seamless compliance processes.

About oneZero

oneZero was established in 2009 in Cambridge, MA. by Andrew Ralich and Jesse Johnson. oneZero stands out as a leading provider of multi-asset class trading technology within the financial industry. OneZero’s platform manages $100B in ADV, 6M daily transactions, and billions of quotes daily on a resilient tech framework. 

Way Forward

TRAction and oneZero’s partnership will enhance trade reporting efficiency and compliance management through technology solutions. This collaboration will help brokers navigate regulatory complexities.

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