TRAction and iSAM Securities Partner for Enhanced Reporting

TRAction, a prominent trade reporting solutions provider, has teamed up with iSAM Securities, a leading algorithmic trading firm and electronic market maker, to integrate TRAction’s reporting platform with iSAM Securities’ liquidity bridge, APEX.

TRAction and iSAM Securities Partner – About the Partnership  

The company has integrated TRAction’s reporting platform with iSAM Securities’ APEX liquidity bridge. This aims to streamline the reporting process, ensure data accuracy, and reduce the operational burden of regulatory compliance for brokers. 

By capturing raw data directly from APEX and automatically generating regulatory reports, the integration supports compliance with major transaction reporting regimes such as EMIR, MiFIR, ASIC, MAS, CFTC, and Canada. Brokers using iSAM Securities’ bridge can now generate regulatory reports automatically and transmit them to TRAction without manual intervention, ensuring daily compliance.

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What Does It Mean?

Here is what can be expected from the new partnership. 

Improved Compliance

The integration between TRAction and iSAM Securities ensures that users can meet regulatory requirements with ease and accuracy. By automatically capturing and transmitting raw data from the APEX bridge to TRAction, users can comply with major transaction reporting regimes such as EMIR, MiFIR, ASIC, MAS, CFTC, and Canada without manual intervention.

Streamlined Reporting Process

Users will benefit from a streamlined reporting process. The automation of data extraction, conversion, enrichment, and reporting reduces the need for manual data collection and minimises the likelihood of errors, resulting in higher-quality daily reports.

Operational Efficiency 

With the automated reporting system, users can save time and resources. The integration alleviates the operational burden associated with manual reporting tasks. It will allow users to focus more on their core trading activities.

Seamless Transition

Existing clients of iSAM Securities can easily transition to using the new integration with TRAction. This ensures a smooth migration with minimal disruption, enabling users to quickly take advantage of the enhanced reporting capabilities.

About TRAction

TRAction is a global leader in regulatory reporting solutions. Established in Australia in 2015 by Sophie Gerber and Quinn Perrott, the company offers financial and regulatory technology services across Europe and the Asia Pacific. The company has rapidly extended its presence to the European markets. It has current offices in London, Sydney, Cyprus, and Singapore with over 400 clients.

About iSAM Securities

Founded in 2014, iSAM Securities is iSAM Securities is a top-tier algorithmic trading firm and electronic market maker. The company has achieved several milestones since its inception, including the launch of the LD4 Matching engine, iS Risk, iS Prime Hong Kong, Proprietary FIX hub, ‘Hubble’, and the granting of HK SFC Type 3 licence. 

Way Ahead

TRAction and iSAM Securities partner to represent a significant advancement in regulatory reporting. improves data accuracy and eas operational burdens. This partnership also highlights the commitment of both firms to delivering innovative solutions. It also shows exceptional client service, which will benefit their users in the future.

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