Top Decentralized Crypto Trading Exchanges

Centralization is the most significant aspect of all financial securities regarding regulating the financial markets. Initially, cryptocurrency markets were based only on that centralized approach. However, the need for a decentralized approach was recognized, and now cryptocurrencies are known for decentralization only. 

Let’s understand in detail about decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges and the top ones with which you can associate your investments. 

What Are Decentralized Crypto Trading Exchanges (DEXs)?

Decentralized exchanges are a type of security exchange apart from their centralized bodies. DEXs use smart contracts and blockchain to enable P2P transactions, eliminating intermediaries. The Decentralized approach enhances security, reduces the risk of hacks, and empowers users by granting them complete control over their assets. There are several decentralized exchanges in the crypto space, each with unique features and offerings.

Top 5 Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Here are the top decentralized crypto trading exchanges based on their popularity, features, and trading volumes-


Uniswap is Ethereum’s first and largest DEX, making it an excellent choice for asset growth. This reputable platform boasts an average daily volume exceeding $4 billion and offers access to over 400 tokens. Uniswap’s advantages include its established reputation, high trading volume, DAO governance, the opportunity for passive earnings through staking, and relatively low transaction fees ranging from 0.1% to 1%.

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OKX DEX is a cross-chain, multi-chain DEX aggregator designed to offer users optimal transactions across 20+ chains, 300+ DEXs, and 200,000+ coins. It provides a secure and non-custodial trading platform. However, it’s important to note that specific cryptocurrencies may experience lower liquidity on this platform. Additionally, commission details are displayed once an order is created.

Kyber Swap

KyberSwap, the flagship product of the Kyber Network, is a standout AMM DEX compared to Uniswap. It operates with multiple liquidity pools and supports over 1,500 tokens, offering thousands of swap pairs. Liquidity providers receive a 0.3% fee, and KyberSwap also provides options for staking, farming, and DApp solutions.


1inch is a top DEX aggregator that simplifies crypto trading. It scans multiple DEXs before each transaction to ensure users get the best prices when buying tokens. The platform offers more than 400 tokens with zero transaction fees. 1 INCH token holders can participate in governance decisions, and the platform provides excellent exchange rates. However, new traders may find navigating other DEXs that charge transaction fees slightly challenging.


AirSwap is a fee-free DEX operating on Ethereum, although users need to cover ETH gas fees. The exchange features its native token, AST, which can be swapped with any ERC-20 token. Instant deposits and withdrawals enhance the user experience while minimizing the risk of security breaches. However, it’s important to note that peer-to-peer trading on AirSwap is only completed when a suitable trader has been located.


When choosing a decentralized crypto trading exchange, consider factors like the tokens you want to trade, user interface preferences, and risk appetite for liquidity provisioning. Also, consider gas fees on the Ethereum network, as they can affect the cost of trading on DEXs and overall profitability. DEXs give traders more control over their assets and promote decentralization in crypto.

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