Tools for Brokers and SALVUS Funds Partnered for Broker Launch

Tools for Brokers and SALVUS Funds have teamed up to streamline the broker launch process. Tools for Brokers is a leading technology provider, and SALVUS Funds is a specialist in regulatory compliance.  This partnership will simplify the complexities of starting a brokerage by merging advanced technology with expert legal guidance.

About the Broker Launch

The collaboration enhances the broker launching process by merging technical solutions with compliance strategies. This partnership benefits those looking to establish brokerages in Seychelles and Mauritius. It streamlines the process through local regulatory landscapes and business setup procedures. Due to the powerful setup and regulatory backing, brokerages launched through this partnership can offer better trading conditions, innovative products, and superior customer service.

Benefits for Traders

This partnership will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Enhanced Market Access

Through the partnership, traders and investors will have numerous brokerages. New and innovative platforms after this platform will offer unique trading opportunities. These brokerages use the latest technologies and compliance frameworks for a robust trading environment.

Improved Trading Conditions

New brokerages will offer competitive trading conditions, including lower spreads, advanced trading tools, and access to global markets without administrative delays. Technical support will ensure that these platforms run on efficient and reliable trading technology.

Regulatory Assurance

SALVUS Funds has expertise in licensing and compliance. This shows that the brokerages they help launch are more likely to adhere to stringent regulatory standards, which will reduce the risk of fraud and increase the safety of traders’ investments.

Increased Transparency

Tools for Brokers provides technology that enhances transparency in trading operations. Traders and investors can expect clear, detailed reporting on trades, fees, and performance metrics. It will give a more transparent trading experience.

About the Collaborators

Both partners have unique specialities that they will utilise to provide the best services to their customers:

Tools for Brokers

Tools for Brokers delivers complete technological solutions to retail brokers, hedge funds, and proprietary trading firms. It provides liquidity management, risk mitigation, and adherence to regulatory standards. It also ensures that financial entities operate efficiently within legal frameworks. The company aims to equip brokers with risk management tools, streamline operations, and integrate seamlessly with existing systems to facilitate trading and regulatory compliance. 


SALVUS Funds is recognised for its deep regulatory compliance and licensing expertise within the financial services sector. The firm assists clients in acquiring necessary broker licenses and offers tailored advice on staying compliant with financial regulations. They aim to assist clients in obtaining necessary financial licenses and ensuring continuous regulation compliance.


The partnership between Tools for Brokers and SALVUS Funds significantly simplifies the brokerage launch process, combining advanced technological platforms with expert compliance guidance. Potential brokers should consider using this partnership to efficiently plan the complex regulatory landscape and achieve rapid market entry and sustainable growth.

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