Tiger Brokers Upgrades its License to Offer Virtual Asset Dealing

Tiger Brokers (HK) Global Limited is upgrading its Type 1 license to offer virtual asset dealing services. It will make Tiger Brokers one of the leading mainstream online brokerage firms in Hong Kong for cryptocurrency trading. 

Tiger Brokers Upgrades its License – About the Licence

To get this licence, individuals should have investable assets over HKD 8 million, and corporations need assets above HKD 40 million. Tiger Trade can now provide Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency trading services. The license assures crypto trading services comply with the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) regulations. Tiger Brokers also plans to grow virtual asset trading to retail investors in Hong Kong.

Benefits For Traders

This licence will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Diversified Portfolio

The cryptocurrency trading inclusion on Tiger Trade allows investors to diversify their portfolios beyond traditional financial products. It will help mitigate risk as crypto assets often show different market dynamics than traditional assets. Traders and investors will have a broader investment horizon and the potential for low risks and high returns.

Streamlined Trading 

Tiger Trade is a centralized platform to trade traditional securities and cryptocurrencies. This licence will simplify the trading experience, and investors will be able to manage all their investments through a single platform. It will eliminate the need for multiple accounts and platforms. It will make portfolio management more efficient and save time.

Compliance and Trust

Upgrading the license to include virtual asset dealing ensures compliance and security. It fosters trust among investors and assures them of legality and ethical investment management.

Enhanced Access

Tiger Brokers are initially targeting professional investors. But they plan to extend crypto trading to retail investors, subject to regulatory approvals. This expansion will make cryptocurrency trading more accessible to a broader audience.

About Tiger Trade

Tiger Trade is an online brokerage platform. UP Fintech Holding Limited operates it. It offers financial trading services, including stocks, options, futures, funds, and cryptocurrency trading. They provide a unified and seamless trading experience across diverse asset classes. It caters to professional and retail investors to simplify and streamline the investment process. This integration will enable clients to manage their complete portfolio, including diverse asset classes, on a single platform. It simplifies the trading experience and provides a centralized view of investments, enhancing client portfolio management and risk assessment capabilities.

Wrapping Up

Tiger Brokers’ entry into the cryptocurrency trading space will significantly impact Hong Kong’s digital asset market. It shows a growing acceptance and institutionalisation of cryptocurrency trading. Tiger Brokers will increase market participation and liquidity. 

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