ThinkMarkets Launches New Prop Trading Brand ThinkCapital

ThinkMarkets has entered the prop trading space with the launch of its new brand, ThinkCapital. Although the official announcement is pending, the prop trading brand’s website is live, marking ThinkMarkets’ expansion into this growing sector.

About the New Prop Trading Brand

ThinkMarkets has launched a new prop trading brand, ThinkCapital, marking its entry into the prop trading sector. ThinkCapital operates under TC Systems FZE, a UAE-registered entity, and went live late last month. However, the official launch is still pending.

Operating under UAE-registered TC Systems FZE, ThinkCapital offers simulated trading and educational tools, similar to those of other brokers like Axi and OANDA. Initially, ThinkCapital will offer trading on MetaTrader 5, with plans to add ThinkTrader and integrate TradingView for direct chart trading. 

The brand will cater to traders from most European countries, excluding the United States and Croatia. This launch reflects the growing trend of retail brokers expanding into prop trading.

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What Does It Mean for the Users?

Here is what it means for users. 

Enhanced Trading Opportunities

The introduction of ThinkCapital offers traders a new platform for prop trading. With the integration of MetaTrader 5 and upcoming platforms like ThinkTrader and TradingView, users can access advanced trading tools and capabilities, allowing for a more versatile and robust trading experience.

Flexible and Inclusive Access

ThinkCapital’s services are accessible to traders from most European countries, providing a broader reach than other prop trading brands. However, it is essential to note that services are unavailable to traders in the United States.

Integration with Other Platforms

The integration with TradingView will enable users to execute trades directly from TradingView charts, offering a seamless and efficient trading experience. This feature, along with the planned addition of ThinkTrader, ensures that users have access to state-of-the-art trading technology.

Anticipation of Future Developments

With ThinkCapital planning to incorporate ThinkTrader and further integrate TradingView, users can look forward to continuous improvements and new features that enhance their trading experience. This ongoing development demonstrates ThinkMarkets’ commitment to providing a top-tier prop trading platform.

About ThinkMarkets 

ThinkMarkets is a global financial services provider recognised for its excellence in offering trading solutions and investment opportunities across a wide range of financial instruments. ThinkMarkets provides access to a diverse array of trading instruments, including Forex, CFDs, Precious Metals, Commodities, Cryptocurrency, and more. It also offers access to ThinkTrader, MT4, MT5, and more platforms.

Way Ahead

As ThinkMarkets continues to expand its prop trading services under the ThinkCapital brand, traders can look forward to a more versatile and comprehensive trading experience. The company’s commitment to providing advanced tools and flexible trading environments indicates a promising future for its users.

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