ThinkMarkets Expands in the MENA Region with DFSA Approval 

ThinkMarkets, a multi-asset trading provider, has recently achieved a significant milestone by securing regulatory approval for a licence from the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). This approval marks a strategic expansion of ThinkMarkets’ presence in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It allows the firm to onboard clients in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and introduce its innovative trading platform, ThinkTrader, to a new client base.

About the Expansion 

Faizan Anees, co-CEO and Co-Founder of ThinkMarkets expressed his enthusiasm regarding attaining the DFSA licence, emphasising the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional trading experiences in regulated and secure environments. The acquisition of the DFSA licence grants ThinkMarkets the authority to provide its clients in the UAE with access to a comprehensive suite of advanced trading tools embedded within the ThinkTrader platform.

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What Does It Mean for Users?

This regulatory milestone aligns seamlessly with ThinkMarkets’ broader global expansion strategy. Here are the top implications for users:

Access to Advanced Trading Tools

Users in the UAE can now benefit from a suite of advanced trading tools integrated into the ThinkTrader platform. These tools, including the Signal Centre, TrendRisk Scanner, and Traders’ Gym, empower investors with sophisticated resources to analyse market trends, manage risks effectively, and enhance their overall trading strategies.

Expanded Trading Opportunities

With ThinkMarkets’ expansion into the UAE market, users can access a broader range of trading opportunities. With ThinkTrader, investors can explore diverse asset classes and seize potential profit-making opportunities across various financial markets.

Regulated and Secure Environment

The DFSA licence ensures users can engage in trading activities in a regulated and secure environment. Regulatory oversight ensures ThinkMarkets’ compliance with standards and protects traders’ investments.

About ThinkMarkets

ThinkMarkets has been a leading online brokerage since 2010, committed to providing a seamless trading experience. The company has received over 14 awards, 10 licences, and 450k+ client accounts. ThinkMarkets offers a range of trading products with cutting-edge technology and excellent customer support.

Way Ahead

ThinkMarkets can expand in MENA with the DFSA license. As the company expands, users will gain wider access to ThinkMarkets’ advanced trading platform and tools. ThinkMarkets aims to be a top player globally, with a presence in the UAE market. 

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