Sucden Group and ICE Join Hands to Enhance Trading Solutions

In a strategic move to advance global trading capabilities, Sucden Group and ICE join hands to improve the trading solution by incorporating ICE’s portfolio analytics. The Sucden Group is a prominent commodities trading firm, and the ICE (Intercontinental Exchange, Inc.) Group is a leading global technology and data provider. 

The collaboration centres around leveraging ICE’s powerful Portfolio Analytics platform, designed for real-time pricing, trading, and risk management of derivatives. This venture underscores Sucden’s dedication to staying at the forefront of the dynamic market landscape.

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Benefits for the Sucden’s Traders

Here’s how Sucden’s clients will benefit from advanced tools and analytics.

Empowering with Portfolio Analytics

The adoption of ICE’s Portfolio Analytics platform is at the heart of the collaboration between Sucden Group and Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (ICE). This robust solution stands as a cornerstone, facilitating essential aspects of trading such as pricing, executing trades, and managing risks. The platform offers a market data and analytics streaming services suite, providing Sucden real-time insights.

Intraday Exposure Monitoring

Sucden gains a significant advantage with the ability to assess and monitor exposure on an intraday basis. This feature enables traders to make informed decisions with timely market information.

Efficient Computational Processes

ICE’s hosted solution takes charge of all computational processes, managing the complexities behind the scenes. This streamlined approach ensures that pertinent data is efficiently processed and delivered directly to Sucden, reducing latency and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Analytics Access

Sucden’s teams spanning front, middle, and back offices can leverage the collaboration to access comprehensive analytics. The Portfolio Analytics platform provides insights into holdings at the single security and portfolio levels, offering a holistic view of Sucden’s trading positions.

Multi-Asset Class Support

The collaboration extends its benefits across multiple asset classes, broadening the scope of Sucden’s trading capabilities. This diverse support is instrumental in various aspects of trading, including pre-trade price discovery, decision-making processes, robust risk management, and overall analytics.

About Sucden Group

Sucden is a French-based commodity broker specialising in soft commodities. With a 15% market share in volume, it has positioned itself as a global leader in the industry. Sucden identifies distinctive value for clients and leverages its expertise to navigate market dynamics.

About ICE 

Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (ICE) is a global company established in 2000 that specialises in financial exchanges and clearing houses. It owns 12 regulated marketplaces, including the New York Stock Exchange and ICE futures exchanges in the US, Canada, and Europe. ICE’s mission is to connect individuals and institutions to global markets, providing transparent platforms for investing, risk management, and capital raising across major asset classes.

Looking Ahead

ICE and Sucden’s partnership is redefining trading solutions. By integrating ICE’s Portfolio Analytics platform, Sucden enhances its real-time analytics capabilities and reinforces its position as a forward-thinking player in commodities trading. This reflects a commitment to technological excellence and signals a promising future for traders seeking efficient solutions in the derivatives market.

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