Sucden Financial and Nasdaq – Advancing Risk Management

Sucden Financial has expanded its partnership with Nasdaq to enhance global market and liquidity risk management capabilities. The firm aims to improve its real-time decision-making capabilities by utilizing Nasdaq’s advanced risk technology.

Sucden Financial & Nasdaq PartnershipWhat it Means?

Sucden Financial is a leading provider of multi-asset execution, clearing, and liquidity services. Nasdaq is a global technology company that provides trading, securities exchange technology, and market services to the capital markets. The collaboration introduces advanced risk management tools amidst increasing market volatility.

About Nasdaq

Nasdaq was established in 1973. It is a well-known global technology firm that serves the financial industry. The company’s stock exchange is the second-largest by market capitalization worldwide. It offers trading, exchange technology, information, and other services. Nasdaq drives innovation in financial technology through its data, analytics, software, and exchange capabilities. Nasdaq offers scalable solutions that adapt to evolving market demands. It serves over 130 marketplaces, clearing houses, and regulatory bodies across more than 50 countries. 

Key Features of the Nasdaq Risk Platform

  • Real-time risk assessment
  • Live market risk views
  • Detailed analytics
  • Live derivative pricing
  • Scalability and rapid deployment through cloud-based SaaS
  • Regular functionality updates every three weeks
  • Global coverage across multiple exchanges

About Sucden Financial

Sucden Financial is a leading global multi-asset execution, clearing, and liquidity provider. Established in 1973, it has a strong history in commodity futures and options trading. Over the years, Sucden Financial has diversified its offerings to include services in FX, fixed income, and commodities.

How Does This Partnership Benefit Traders?

  • Immediate liquidity unlocking, 
  • Improved capital efficiency
  • Reduced legacy system burdens. 
  • Informed decision-making 
  • Managed market and liquidity risks.

Sucden Financial’s clients stand to gain from improved risk management capabilities. The partnership facilitates precise risk monitoring across diverse asset classes by allowing clients to respond effectively to market changes.

Future Outlook

The partnership between Sucden Financial and Nasdaq strives to influence future trends in risk technology. As the financial landscape becomes more complex, demand for real-time risk assessment and data analytics increases. This collaboration could lead to more sophisticated risk management tools and strategies.

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