State Street Acquires CF Global Trading

State Street acquires CF Global Trading to enhance its outsourced trading services, leveraging its ability to grow internationally. State Street Corporation (NYSE: STT) recently completed a successful acquisition of a prominent global firm specialising in outsourced trading across various asset classes, including equities, listed derivatives, and fixed income. This strategic move further solidifies State Street’s global position in providing comprehensive outsourced trading solutions.

State Street Acquires CF Global Trading – What Does it Mean?

The acquisition positions State Street as a key player in the outsourced trading landscape, enhancing its ability to serve clients globally. Outsourced trading helps organisations focus on their strategic objectives while navigating diverse asset classes, regulatory changes, and global markets. 

Clients can anticipate an expanded range of outsourced trading services covering the Americas, APAC, the Middle East, the UK, and the EU. 

State Street now has trading desks in Boston, New York, Toronto, London, Lisbon, Hong Kong, and Sydney. The acquisition enables State Street to provide a comprehensive global trading solution as part of its State Street Alpha® front-to-back platform.

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About CF Global Trading

CF Global Trading, renowned for its outsourced trading prowess, brings valuable experience and a client-focused platform to State Street. Scott Chace, the CEO and co-founder, is excited to join State Street and leverage its scale as one of the largest institutional financial service providers.

About State Street

State Street is a prominent financial services provider that caters to institutional investors. SState Street operates in 100+ markets and employs 42,000 people worldwide, driving the future of financial services.


State Street and CF Global Trading have completed the acquisition successfully. Clients can now access a wider range of outsourced trading services from industry leaders. State Street is committed to delivering innovative solutions and strengthening its position as a global financial services powerhouse.

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