Spotware Systems Launches cTrader Mobile 5.0

Fintech company Spotware Systems has unveiled the latest version of its cTrader Mobile app, now available for both iOS and Android devices. The new cTrader Mobile 5.0 brings many innovative features to enhance the mobile trading experience.

About the cTrader Mobile 5.0

Spotware Systems has released cTrader Mobile 5.0 for iOS and Android devices, introducing several new features to enhance the trading experience. The update includes a cloud-based Algo application for continuous 24/7 trading, even when offline, and the ability to share algorithms via links, converting recipients into referrals. 

cTrader Mobile 5.0 offers a comprehensive mobile trading experience with advanced tools and global asset support.

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What Does It Mean for Users?

Here is what traders can expect after the new launch. 

Cloud-Based Algo Application

cTrader Mobile 5.0 introduces the Algo application, allowing users to start cBots in the Cloud. This functionality enables continuous 24/7 trading, even when the app is closed or there’s no internet connection, ensuring uninterrupted trading operations.

Algorithm Sharing and Referrals

The update allows users to share their trading algorithms via links, which can convert recipients into referrals. Invited traders gain automatic access to all shared algorithms, promoting a collaborative trading environment.

Customisable Indicator Displays

The new version offers advanced options for displaying indicators. Users can overlay indicators on the trading chart, display them separately in a new panel, or combine them with other indicators. This helps traders create a more informative and personalised trading interface.

Scrollable and Adjustable Indicator Panels

Traders can now add multiple indicator panels beneath the trading chart and easily scroll through them. The size of the chart and panels can be adjusted, providing a more detailed and user-friendly view of trading data.

Quick Symbol Change

cTrader Mobile 5.0 lets users change the trading symbol directly on the chart. Tapping the symbol in the lower-left corner allows traders to quickly select a different symbol, making the trading process more efficient.

Comprehensive Mobile Trading

The cTrader Mobile app offers a premium trading experience for a wide range of global assets. With seamless login options via Facebook, Google, or cTrader ID, users can access a full suite of order types, advanced technical analysis tools, price alerts, trade statistics, order management settings, symbol watchlists, and other customisable features to meet their trading needs on the go.

About Spotware Systems

Spotware Systems Ltd. is a pioneering financial technology provider specialising in creating proprietary trading solutions. The company is based in Limassol, Cyprus and delivers high-quality software products and development services for eFX and multi-asset CFD trading. Spotware’s flagship trading platform, cTrader, offers a suite of products that cater to various aspects of online trading.

Way Ahead

The release of cTrader Mobile 5.0 by Spotware Systems represents a significant advancement in mobile trading technology. With its cloud-based algo application, enhanced indicator display options, and user-friendly interface, cTrader Mobile 5.0 offers traders a superior and seamless mobile trading experience.

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