Spotware Systems’ cTrader Desktop 5.0.22 Launch

Spotware Systems is a leading provider of trading solutions for the FX/CFD market. It has rolled out version 5.0.22 of its cTrader desktop application. This will likely result in new features and enhancements to improve user experience and performance.

About the cTrader Desktop 5.0.22 Launch

Spotware Systems has unveiled version 5.0.22 of its cTrader desktop application, introducing a significant new feature called ‘Shared Access’. This feature allows users to grant account access to other individuals, such as money managers, enabling more efficient account management. Previously available only on the web version, Shared Access is now integrated into the desktop platform.

The update includes numerous bug fixes and enhancements, such as improving backtesting performance, resolving resizing issues with StackPanel elements, and optimising restarts when changing symbols or parameters. Additionally, the functionality of cBots icons and the Stop All button has been improved, and previously hidden instances have been ensured to be correctly stopped.

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What Does It Mean?

Here is what you can expect from the cTrader desktop 5.0.22 launch. 

Enhanced Account Management

The introduction of Shared Access in cTrader Desktop 5.0.22 allows users to grant access to their trading accounts to other individuals, such as money managers. This facilitates more efficient account management and enables third parties to execute trades on behalf of account holders.

Improved Trading Experience

With bug fixes and performance optimisations, users can expect a smoother and more reliable trading experience. The company has addressed issues like backtesting performance degradation, resizing StackPanel elements, and optimisation restarts. It is to ensure the platform runs more efficiently. The improved functionality of the Stop All button and the proper handling of hidden instances enhance overall usability.

Increased Flexibility for Automated Trading

Users who rely on automated trading systems will benefit from the updates to cBots icons and the enhanced Stop All functionality. These changes make identifying and interacting with automated trading systems easier, offering a more seamless trading experience.

About Spotware Systems Ltd

Spotware Systems Ltd. is a software development company based in Limassol, Cyprus, established in 2010. cTrader is Spotware’s flagship trading platform solution, trusted by millions worldwide. The company offers innovative and user-centric trading applications with a solid commitment to transparency, innovation, and putting traders’ interests first. 

Way Ahead

Spotware Systems’ latest update to cTrader marks a significant advancement in their trading solutions. With the introduction of shared access and various performance enhancements, the platform has been better equipped to meet user needs. Spotware will solidify its position as a leading FX/CFD market provider as cTrader continues to gain traction in the prop trading community and expand its features. 
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