SIX Launches Crypto Reference Rates and Real-Time Indices

SIX, a global financial information provider, has introduced the SIX Reference Rate Crypto and SIX Real-Time Crypto Indices. They serve institutional investors and the AsiaNext crypto derivatives trading platform. SIX aims to enhance the infrastructure for digital asset trading and provide refined tools for market analysis and investment strategy.

About the Launch

The newly launched indices cover well-known crypto assets, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). They offer an hourly benchmark price for these assets in USD. The real-time indices are updated every second for a dynamic view of the market performance. They are built on a transparent and rules-based methodology. These indices aggregate data from multiple exchanges to ensure precise pricing and valuation. 

Benefits for Institutional Investors

This launch will offer multiple benefits to institutional investors:

Enhanced Market Transparency

These crypto reference rates and real-time indices provide a more transparent view of the crypto market. They offer a comprehensive image of market performance by aggregating multiple exchanges’ data and encouraging informed decision-making.

Better Price Discovery

Participants in the crypto market can benefit from improved price discovery mechanisms with the clarity and consistency of the new indices. The indices promote accurate valuation and performance tracking of crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Increased Security

The partnership between SIX and AsiaNext highlights regulatory compliance and market standardisation. Investors can trade digital assets with the assurance that they are engaging in a secure, transparent, and standardized market environment.

Institutional-Quality Tools

Traders and investors now have access to institutional-quality financial information and analysis tools. They support minute market analysis and strategic decision-making, available mainly to institutional market participants previously.

Improved Decision-making

Traders and investors can monitor the market dynamically with the SIX Reference Rate Crypto and SIX Real-Time Crypto Indices. This real-time access to data supports quick and strategic decision-making.

Standardization Across the Crypto Market

The indices standardize valuation and performance evaluation in the crypto market. It is necessary for vigorous methodologies, fair valuation, and product standardization.

About SIX

SIX is a global financial services provider specialising in infrastructure for the financial sector. It offers services across securities trading, settlement, and information dissemination to enhance efficiency, quality, and innovative capacity. SIX combines advanced technology and data to make financial transactions more secure and efficient. They aim to provide a refined infrastructure that supports the stability and reliability of financial markets globally.

Looking Forward

This launch is an achievement in the crypto trading development. It will raise the standards for accuracy, transparency, and reliability in financial data. These indices will promote broader adoption, deeper engagement, and innovation.

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