Schroders Personal Wealth to Launch New Wealth Management Platform 

Schroders Personal Wealth (SPW) has revealed plans to launch its platform, marking a significant strategic move to enhance the client journey and experience. This development positions SPW to take control of client money and investments in-house, offering its clients integrated advice, investment, and platform services.

What’s the New Platform?

The forthcoming platform, slated to go live this summer pending FCA approval, represents a departure from the current model. SPW, in collaboration with strategic partners SEI and Benchmark, will become the regulated platform operator and custodian responsible for holding and safeguarding client investments.

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New Platform, New Benefits – What’s in for the Customers?

Here’s how the new platform will benefit the customers. 

Consolidation for Client Convenience

The core objective of the new platform is to provide clients with a seamless and straightforward experience. By consolidating operations, SPW aims to simplify client interactions, making financial management more accessible and efficient.

Greater Flexibility in Products and Services

SPW’s adoption of the new platform comes with increased flexibility over the range of products and services offered. This strategic move positions SPW to adapt and cater to evolving client needs more effectively.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Aligned with SPW’s commitment to continuous improvement, the new platform reflects the company’s responsiveness to client feedback. By embracing this enhanced model, SPW is dedicated to refining and optimising the client journey.

Expanded Role as ISA Plan Manager

As part of this evolution, SPW will assume the role of ISA Plan Manager, taking on the responsibility of administering clients’ ISA accounts. This expanded role enhances SPW’s involvement in managing clients’ investment portfolios, further solidifying its commitment to comprehensive financial services.

Accessible Advanced Wealth Management Services

Our approach emphasises inclusivity and makes advanced wealth management services accessible to a broader demographic. We break down barriers through innovative strategies, ensuring that individuals of varying backgrounds and financial expertise can benefit.

Financial Management on the Go

With the new mobile app, SPW extends its commitment to enriching client experiences beyond the desktop. Clients will have the flexibility to manage their investments on the go, fostering a more dynamic and responsive financial management approach.

About Schroders Personal Wealth

Schroders Personal Wealth (SPW) is an investment management and banking company combining Lloyds Banking Group’s and Schroders’s expertise. With over 400 years of experience, SPW provides accessible and trustworthy financial advice tailored to clients’ needs. SPW embraces new technology and approaches to ensure its clients receive the best possible service.

Way Forward

SPW’s move towards a consolidated platform and mobile app launch shows commitment to innovation. By partnering with SEI and Benchmark, SPW aims to deliver its clients an integrated and enhanced financial services experience. These changes will simplify the client journey and strengthen SPW’s position as a leading wealth management provider. With the upcoming summer launch, clients can expect a more cohesive and streamlined financial experience under the SPW brand.

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