Saxo Bank Integrates FairXchange’s Liquidity Management Platform

Retail broker Saxo Bank has teamed up with FairXchange, a data science firm specializing in FX markets, to enhance its liquidity management capabilities. This strategic partnership involves the integration of FairXchange’s liquidity management platform, Horizon, into Saxo Bank’s operations.

Saxo Bank Integrates FairXchange’s Liquidity Management Platform – What Does it Mean?

Saxo Bank’s collaboration with FairXchange marks a strategic move towards elevating its approach to liquidity management through data analytics. The agreement empowers Saxo Bank with FairXchange’s innovative platform, Horizon, to facilitate data-driven dialogue with Liquidity Providers (LPs). 

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How this Will Benefit the Traders?

By embracing this partnership, Saxo Bank underscores its commitment to optimizing liquidity sourcing for the benefit of its clients and LPs.

Increased Engagement from Liquidity Partners

The implementation of FairXchange’s Horizon platform has already yielded tangible results. Saxo Bank has experienced a noticeable surge in engagement from its trusted liquidity partners, indicating a positive shift in the dynamics of their collaboration.

Mutual Profitability Enhancement

The heightened engagement creates a win-win situation for both Saxo Bank and its liquidity partners. The collaborative efforts facilitated by FairXchange’s platform contribute to increased profitability, creating a symbiotic relationship that benefits all stakeholders involved.

Improved Liquidity Offerings

As a direct outcome of the collaboration, Saxo Bank sees improved client liquidity offerings. The enhanced engagement and profitability experienced with liquidity partners directly contribute to creating a more robust and attractive liquidity environment for traders associated with Saxo Bank.

Catalyst for Enhanced Trading Experiences

The partnership with FairXchange is positioned as a strategic catalyst. Beyond specific improvements, it symbolizes a broader commitment by Saxo Bank to elevate overall trading experiences. The collaboration with FairXchange is not just a transactional enhancement; it’s a pivotal step towards providing traders with a more enriched and seamless trading journey.

About Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank, a prominent retail FX and CFDs broker, has been at the forefront of embracing data-driven dialogue with Liquidity Providers. The institution prioritizes collaboration and understanding the significance of working closely with LPs to secure optimal liquidity. With a deep commitment to maximizing opportunities for all stakeholders, Saxo Bank sees the partnership with FairXchange continuing its collaborative spirit.

About FairXchange

FairXchange, a part of the United Fintech group, is a data science firm specializing in Foreign Exchange markets. The guiding principle of FairXchange is to make FX trading commercially sustainable for all, benefiting both buy-side and sell-side participants. The Horizon platform of the company, integrated with Saxo Bank, demonstrates its dedication to promoting liquidity management through data-driven solutions.


Saxo Bank and FairXchange’s partnership integrates the Horizon platform, fostering engagement and profitability. The move showcases Saxo Bank’s commitment to providing enhanced liquidity solutions for its partners and clients.

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