Rulematch – Swiss Crypto Exchange for Banks, Goes Live

Rulematch, an innovative crypto exchange designed for banks, has officially gone live. This launch introduces a unique platform tailored to the needs of banks and securities firms. Rulematch aims to transform how financial institutions engage with cryptocurrencies, enhancing the ecosystem for institutional crypto trading.

What is Rulematch?

Rulematch is a Swiss-based cryptocurrency exchange platform designed for banks and securities firms. It aims to cater to the unique needs of these institutions in the crypto market. Rulematch provides a secure and efficient environment for institutional trading. It features a blend of traditional financial market mechanics with the innovative features of the crypto world. Additionally, Rulematch is supported by investors like Consensys Mesh and FiveT Fintech, bringing expertise from the crypto and fintech industries. 

Features of Rulematch

Rulematch offers BTC and ETH spot trading against USD. It uses Nasdaq‘s technology to provide ultra-low latency trading with execution times as low as 30 microseconds and a system that allows trading with significantly less upfront liquidity. It also includes a strict delivery-vs-payment process and collateral requirements to protect against counterparty default. Additionally, Rulematch operates an anonymous central-limit-order book to enhance privacy and efficiency in trading.

Benefits to Securities Firms

The introduction of Rulematch, a Swiss crypto exchange specifically designed for banks and securities firms, offers several key benefits:

Targeted Institutional Services: 

Rulematch is tailored for banks and securities firms to ensure its services meet their specific requirements. It can result in more efficient and effective trading experiences for these parties.

Efficient Post-Trade Settlement: 

The platform’s integrated post-trade settlement mechanism, which includes multilateral net settlement, enhances the efficiency of the trading process. This system reduces the complexities associated with post-trade activities.

Reduced Upfront Liquidity Requirement: 

Rulematch enables trading with significantly less upfront liquidity than existing trading venues. This reduction can free up capital for other investments or operational needs.

High-Speed Execution: 

With ultra-low latency, as low as 30 microseconds, the platform is particularly advantageous for high-frequency trading strategies. 

Vigorous Security: 

High-security standards, including the use of segregated blockchain wallets and stringent controls against financial crimes, assure institutional investors that their assets are secure.

Global Connectivity Options: 

The variety of connectivity options, including cross-connection and collocation in data centers, offers flexibility and efficiency in accessing the platform.

Enhanced Anonymity: 

The anonymous central-limit-order book protects the privacy of trading strategies.

Looking Forward

Rulematch has significant opportunities for expansion and growth, particularly in expanding its client base in Europe, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. The platform’s focus on institutional clients and its unique offering in the crypto market position it well for attracting more banks and securities firms. Furthermore, the ongoing development and integration of new technologies and cryptocurrencies could broaden its appeal and functionality.

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