Roundtable Collaborates with Dotfile for Faster Onboarding

Dotfile, a leading French fintech firm specialising in end-to-end business verification solutions, has recently forged a strategic alliance with Roundtable, a dynamic community-led investment platform. This collaboration aims to expedite investor onboarding processes and enhance operational efficiency for Roundtable.

About the Partnership

By integrating Dotfile’s end-to-end verification solutions, Roundtable aims to enhance operational efficiency and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. This partnership underscores both companies’ commitment to facilitating seamless and secure investment experiences for users while optimising KYB and AML procedures in order to speed up the process of customer onboarding, increase affordability by reducing overall costs, and increase efficiency.

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What Does This Mean for Users?

As Roundtable experienced growth, balancing stringent compliance with seamless investor experiences posed challenges. However, partnering with Dotfile provided a solution. By leveraging Dotfile’s comprehensive end-to-end solution, Roundtable streamlined operations, resulting in time savings and operational simplification. Here is how users will benefit:

Accelerated Investor Onboarding

With Dotfile’s end-to-end verification solution, Roundtable can expedite the onboarding process for investors. This means users can access investment opportunities more quickly and efficiently.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Dotfile’s integration with Roundtable’s platform simplifies operations, saving time by 40% for both users and the company. By streamlining KYB and AML procedures, Dotfile enables Roundtable to operate more smoothly and efficiently.

Cost Reduction

By reducing the time and resources required for customer onboarding and compliance procedures, Dotfile helps Roundtable cut costs. Users indirectly benefit from these cost savings through potentially lower fees or improved services.

Improved User Experience

The integration of pre-filled data and streamlined workflows enhances the user experience for new investors on Roundtable’s platform. Users can expect a smoother and more efficient process when signing up and engaging with investment opportunities.

Increased Confidence in Compliance

Roundtable users can trust that their investments are being handled with the highest standards of security and regulatory compliance. Dotfile’s comprehensive solution ensures that Roundtable aligns with regulatory requirements, providing peace of mind to users.

About Roundtable

Roundtable is a dynamic community-led investment platform aimed at democratising investment opportunities and fostering collaboration among investors. Founded to make investment accessible to a wider audience, Roundtable provides a user-friendly platform where individuals can discover and participate in investment projects aligned with their interests and values. 

About Dotfile

Dotfile is a leading provider of end-to-end business verification solutions, catering to the diverse needs of fintech and diverse businesses. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Dotfile empowers businesses to accelerate customer onboarding, enhance operational efficiency, and navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance with confidence.

Way Ahead

The collaborative effort between Dotfile and Roundtable is likely to build upon their existing successes, further enhance their services, and ensure continued alignment with regulatory standards. This will ultimately deliver an exceptional investment experience for users and levelling up their investment experience.
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