Rostro Adopts Iress OMS to Manage Exchange-Traded Securities

Rostro announced the deployment of an Iress OMS (Order Management System) to manage exchange-traded securities operations more efficiently. It will streamline Rostro’s trading processes, enhance execution speed, and improve market access.

Rostro Adopts Iress OMS – About Iress OMS

Order Management Systems (OMS) are essential tools for financial firms. They facilitate the management and execution of securities orders. Iress OMS is an advanced platform that streamlines trading processes, enhances order execution, and provides comprehensive market access.

Key Features and Functionalities

  • Real-Time Data Processing: Processes market data in real-time. 
  • Advanced Order Routing: Employs algorithms to route orders to the best available markets. 
  • Comprehensive Reporting Tools: Offers detailed reporting and analytics. 
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Handles high volumes of transactions. 
  • Integration Capabilities: Easily integrates with other trading and risk management systems. 

Benefits for Traders

Rostro’s Iress integration will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Enhanced Speed and Efficiency

The integration will ensure traders can execute orders swiftly and efficiently. It will reduce the risk of slippage. Traders can capitalise on market opportunities effectively. Advanced algorithms optimise order routing for better execution prices and increased profitability.

Improved Market Access

This partnership provides direct market access (DMA) to numerous global exchanges. Traders and investors can easily diversify their portfolios. DMA ensures that traders can execute orders directly on exchanges, bypassing intermediaries with lower transaction costs.

Real-Time Market Data

Iress OMS delivers real-time market data for making informed decisions. Live data, like price movements and market trends, enhances the ability to respond quickly to market changes. 

Reporting and Analytics

The system’s reporting and analytics tools offer detailed insights into trading performance. Traders can monitor their strategies and assess execution quality. It helps traders refine their approaches, identify strengths and weaknesses, and improve their trading outcomes.

Enhanced Risk Management

The integration includes advanced risk management features. Traders can mitigate potential losses and protect their investments using tools like automated alerts, stop-loss orders, and real-time risk monitoring. 

Seamless Integration 

Iress OMS integrates smoothly with Rostro’s existing trading infrastructure. Traders will have a unified platform with order management, market data, and risk management in one place. It reduces the complexity of managing multiple systems.

About Rostro

Rostro is a financial services firm that specialises in trading solutions. The company provides innovative trading solutions and financial services to institutional clients worldwide. Its core business areas are market making, liquidity provision, and proprietary trading across various asset classes. Rostro leverages advanced technology to offer innovative trading platforms. The company aims to provide efficient and reliable trading services and to lead the financial industry through continuous innovation and strategic growth. 


The deployment of Iress OMS enhances Rostro’s trading capabilities and market access. This integration improves operational efficiency and positions Rostro as a leader in adopting advanced financial technologies. 

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