Putin: The United States prints money and grabs food on world markets

Putin: The United States prints money and grabs food on world markets

Russian President Vladimir Putin asserted on Friday that his country has strength and flexibility in the face of the Western world, which he accused of colonial arrogance and trying to crush his country through a “lightning economic war” using the weapon of sanctions.

Speaking at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which is taking place this year with virtually no Western participation, Putin repeatedly touched on the topic of Russia’s sovereignty in a new world order.

Shortly before Putin’s speech was scheduled to begin, the Kremlin said a cyberattack had paralyzed the forum’s systems, forcing it to delay the start date by an hour.

Putin and the food war

The Russian President denied the statements that his country is responsible for the high international prices of basic foodstuffs.

He said Russia was ready to ensure the passage of Ukrainian grain export ships through the Black Sea, but had five or six alternative routes via Belarus, Poland or Romania.
He added that the United States prints money and grabs food in global markets, and that Russia is ready to help balance global agricultural markets, and he welcomed the dialogue with the United Nations on food supplies.
Putin said that it is important to increase food supplies on the world market, Russia will send food to Africa and the Middle East

Putin and Ukraine

Putin’s speech was met with applause when he reaffirmed his intention to continue the “special military operation” in Ukraine that has triggered a barrage of Western economic sanctions.

“We are a strong people, and we can meet any challenge. We will solve any problem, as our ancestors did, and the thousand-year history of our country speaks of that,” the Russian president said in his speech at the forum.

He noted that the main goal is to defend “our people” in the Russian-speaking Donbass region in eastern Ukraine.

He added, “In light of the increasing risks and threats we face, Russia’s decision to carry out a special military operation was a decision we had to take…it was really difficult, but it is an urgent and necessary decision.”

New world order

In a pre-recorded video address, Chinese President Xi Jinping praised Sino-Russian cooperation and highlighted Putin’s assertion that the era of American hegemony is over.

Putin said that the United States considers itself “the envoy of God’s providence on Earth,” stressing that Russia is taking its place in a new world order whose rules will be defined by “strong and sovereign states.”