Plum Partners with Upvest to Launch ETFs for European Customers

Plum partners with Upvest to expand its investment offerings. Plum is a smart money app, and Upvest is a fintech company. This collaboration will enable Plum to provide European customers with EUR-nominated ETFs and stocks. 

Plum Partners with Upvest – About the Partnership

Plum will offer direct and fractional investments in EUR-nominated ETFs and stocks using the investment API from Upvest. It will enhance Plum’s investment capabilities and provide multiple options to users. Retail investors prefer fractional shares as they offer legal ownership, dividend rights, and other corporate actions. The partnership will expand the investment opportunities.

Benefits for Traders

This partnership will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Broader Investment Options

Plum users will gain access to multiple investment opportunities, including EUR-nominated ETFs and stocks. Traders and investors can diversify portfolios with more localised and European-focused investment products. It will help mitigate risks and capitalise on regional market opportunities.

Direct Investments

The integration will offer direct investments in European ETFs and stocks. Traders and investors will have direct exposure to the European market, enabling them to make more strategic and targeted investment decisions based on European economic trends and developments.

Fractional Shares Accessibility

Fractional shares will be available after the partnership. Investors can purchase portions of high-value stocks and ETFs, making it easier to build a diversified portfolio without needing substantial capital. Fractional shares also offer full ownership benefits, including dividends and participation in corporate actions.

Enhanced Investment Experience

Upvest’s API integration ensures a seamless and efficient investment process. Orders will be handled end-to-end by Upvest, from placement to settlement and custody. This will guarantee a smooth and reliable investment experience and enhance user confidence and satisfaction. Traders and investors will find it easier to manage their investments effectively.


Plum is a smart money app. Victor Trokoudes founded it in 2016. It automates personal finance tasks like saving, investing, budgeting, and spending management. Plum has over 1.7 million customers across the UK and EU. It has helped users set aside more than £2 billion. Plum aims to simplify wealth-building for its users. 


Upvest is a fintech company. Martin Kassing founded it in 2017. It provides an investment API that allows fintech companies to offer diverse investment products to their customers. Upvest’s API supports the full range of investment activities, from order placement to settlement and custody. It aims to simplify capital markets and enhance the investment experience. 

Future Implications

The partnership will expand further and bring new offerings. The partnership will enhance the investment experience for Plum’s users. 

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