Pelican Partners with DXtrade by Devexperts for Copy Trading

Pelican, a leading copy trading provider, has partnered strategically with Devexperts‘ DXtrade platform. This partnership aims to enhance the capabilities of both big-name and start-up FX, CFD, and crypto brokers.

Pelican Partners with DXtrade – About the Partnership  

Pelican has partnered with Devexperts’ DXtrade platform to enhance copy trading services for FX, CFD, and crypto brokers. This partnership integrates Pelican’s advanced multi-asset copy trading engine directly into DXtrade, allowing DXtrade users to tap into Pelican’s extensive network of over 9,000 signals, all within the DXtrade interface. 

The seamless integration is designed to provide a superior trading experience, combining the best features of both platforms.

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What Does It Mean?

Here is what it means for users. 

Enhanced Trading Experience

This partnership combines Pelican’s advanced multi-asset copy trader engine with DXtrade’s robust trading platform, offering a seamless and efficient trading environment. Traders can easily access and execute trades, leveraging Pelican’s extensive network of over 9,000 signals.

Access to a Vast Network of Trading Signals

DXtrade users will now access Pelican’s extensive network of trading signals directly within the platform. This means traders can easily copy trades from top-performing signals, potentially improving their trading outcomes by following successful strategies from experienced traders. The integration simplifies the process of finding and copying trades.

Seamless Integration and User-Friendly Interface

Everything is accessible within the DXtrade interface, making it easier for users to manage their trading activities and effortlessly copy trades. This streamlined approach enhances the overall user experience, allowing traders to focus more on their strategies and less on navigating multiple systems.

Access to High-Quality Copy Trading Services

By partnering with Pelican, Devexperts ensures that DXtrade users receive access to one of the industry’s most respected and high-quality copy trading services. Pelican’s reputation for reliability and excellence in copy trading gives users confidence in their services. 

About Pelican 

Pelican is a leading provider in the copy trading industry. It is known for its innovative and versatile solutions tailored to the needs of traders and brokers globally. Pelican also excels in developing and maintaining white-label copy trading platforms.

About Devexperts

Devexperts is a prominent software development company specialising in capital markets solutions. Devexperts develops state-of-the-art market trading platforms, including equities, derivatives, forex/CFD, and cryptocurrency trading. The company offers bespoke software solutions for retail and institutional brokerages, wealth-management firms, investment funds, and exchanges. 

Way Ahead

The partnership between Pelican and Devexperts signifies a major advancement in copy trading services. By integrating Pelican’s robust copy trading solutions into the DXtrade platform, both companies aim to deliver an enhanced, seamless trading experience. 

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