Ouinex and Crossover Collaborate for Crypto Advancements

Ouinex has announced an alliance with Crossover Markets. Ouinex is a crypto trading platform for active and professional traders. Crossover Markets is an institutional trading venue specializing in spot cryptocurrencies. This collaboration will offer efficiency and innovation by combining Crossover’s advanced technology with Ouinex’s trading platform.

Ouinex and Crossover Collaborate – What’s the Collaboration?

This partnership will combine the Crossover’s CROSSx Electronic Communication Network (ECN) technology with Ouinex’s platform. CROSSx technology is innovative and features ultra-low latency, quote-driven matching technology, and intelligent order routing. It provides a more efficient, customizable, and direct pathway for executing trades.

Benefits For Traders

This partnership will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Ouinex has secured the first Virtual Asset Service Provider registration from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF). It shows Ouinex’s adherence to security and regulatory compliance. Traders will engage with a platform that adheres to stringent security measures and regulatory standards. 

Diverse Opportunities

Ouinex is planning to expand into the African market. It is also seeking a BTC provider license in El Salvador. This expansion will offer new markets and the opportunity to engage in diverse trading environments. It will introduce emerging markets with untapped potential.

Enhanced Speed and Efficiency

The integration boosts trading speed and efficiency. Traders can expect ultra-low-latency executions. Their trades will be processed almost instantaneously. It will reduce the risk of slippage.

Low Trading Costs

The partnership will lower the fees, including spreads and commissions. Lower trading costs increase net returns on investment. It can significantly impact active traders who execute a high trade volume.

About Crossover 

Crossover Markets is a digital asset trading technology firm. It provides bureaucratic liquidity solutions for the cryptocurrency market through its Electronic Communication Network (ECN), CROSSx. They enhance the trading experience by offering faster, more reliable, and transparent trading opportunities. Crossover aims to ensure participants have the best possible trading conditions.

About Ouinex 

Ouinex is a crypto trading platform for active and professional traders. It offers low latency, competitive trading fees, and a secure environment. It brings the best traditional financial (TradFi) electronic trading infrastructure to the digital asset world, including features like universal cross-margining. Ouinex uses advanced technology to meet the unique needs of its users.

Looking Ahead

Ouinex wants to expand its reach beyond Europe, with plans to enter the African market and pursue a Bitcoin (BTC) provider license in El Salvador. Ouinex aims to become a global crypto trading platform with a $2 million token pre-sale and partnerships with key industry players. The partnership will set new standards for innovation, security, and trader-centric services in the crypto market. It shows a shift towards more sophisticated and accessible trading solutions globally.

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