Options and oneZero Join Hands for Multi-Asset Trading Solutions

Options Technology, a prominent player in capital markets infrastructure, has announced a substantial expansion of its strategic partnership with oneZero, a leading provider of multi-asset class enterprise trading technology for banks and financial institutions.

Options and oneZero Join Hands – About the Partnership  

The companies have partnered to offer multi-asset enterprise trading solutions. By integrating Options Activ’s consolidated data service with oneZero’s sophisticated multi-asset class liquidity, aggregation, and risk management solutions, the partnership aims to streamline trading experiences and expedite clients’ time to market.

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What Does It Mean for Users?

The partnership between Options and oneZero holds significant implications for users across the financial landscape:

Enhanced Trading Experience

Users can anticipate an elevated trading experience thanks to the seamless integration of Options Activ’s consolidated data service with oneZero’s advanced multi-asset class liquidity and risk management solutions. 

Streamlined Operations

The partnership aims to streamline users’ operations by simplifying the trading process and reducing the complexities of accessing multiple asset classes. Through bespoke API connectivity, users can expect smoother transactions and accelerated time-to-market for their trading strategies.

Expanded Market Access

With Options’ normalised market data model integration, users gain access to a broader range of asset classes through oneZero’s platform. Expanded market access empowers users to diversify their portfolios and capitalise on emerging market trends with greater agility.

Optimised Risk Management

The partnership between Options and oneZero enhances users’ risk management capabilities, enabling them to mitigate potential risks more effectively across multiple asset classes. With both companies’ expertise combined, users can implement risk management strategies tailored to their specific trading needs.

About Options

Options Technology is a global financial technology company at the forefront of capital markets infrastructure. The company offers top-notch solutions in Networking, Cloud, Security, and AI to meet the changing demands of the global tech industry, with a global presence in major financial hubs.

About OneZero

Since its establishment in 2009, oneZero Financial Systems has offered multi-asset-class enterprise trading technology. The software suite, including the Hub, EcoSystem, and Data Source, helps financial institutions and brokers compete globally.

Way Ahead

The partnership between Options and oneZero is poised to reshape the landscape of multi-asset enterprise trading solutions. They are committed to innovation and client-centricity, enhancing the trading experience for all.
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