oneZero Partners with New Change FX

OneZero, a global leader in multi-asset enterprise trading technology solutions, has unveiled its partnership with New Change FX to improve client trading capabilities. This collaboration integrates New Change FX benchmark data feeds into oneZero’s analytics suite in Data Source. 

About the Partnership 

oneZero, a leader in trading technology, has partnered with New Change FX to integrate benchmark data into its analytics suite, offering clients enhanced trading performance. New Change FX provides regulated benchmark FX rates, independently sourced from global markets. This collaboration enhances clients’ access to robust analytics and improves trading outcomes. The partnership marks a significant step towards transparency and reliability in trading solutions.

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What Does It Mean for Users?

Here is what the users can expect from the integration.

Enhanced Trading Insights

Clients stand to benefit from enhanced trading insights derived from the integration of New Change FX benchmark data feeds into oneZero’s analytics suite. The availability of high-quality, independent FX reference data equips users with a deeper understanding of market dynamics and trends, thereby enabling informed decision-making.

Improved Trading Performance

Access to New Change FX benchmark data empowers users to refine their trading strategies and optimise performance. By leveraging objective price measurement and robust analytics, traders can enhance execution precision and mitigate risk, ultimately improving trading outcomes.

Increased Transparency

The integration reinforces transparency and confidence in the trading process. Users can rely on independently sourced benchmark rates from New Change FX to validate pricing accuracy and ensure fairness, fostering trust and credibility in the trading ecosystem.

Expanded Analytical Capabilities

The collaboration expands users’ analytical capabilities by providing access to a broader range of data sources within oneZero’s Data Source platform. This enables traders to conduct comprehensive analysis, identify emerging opportunities, and adapt their strategies accordingly, staying ahead in dynamic market environments.

About oneZero

oneZero Financial Systems has carved a niche in multi-asset class enterprise trading technology for over a decade. The suite includes Hub, EcoSystem, and Data Source. It helps financial institutions and brokers navigate global financial markets with connectivity, technology, infrastructure, and market access.

About New Change FX 

New Change FX is dedicated to improving transparency and cost-efficiency in foreign exchange pricing measurement. It supports live trading processes by delivering real-time, independent benchmark rates without offering market access, trading, or brokerage services. This distinctive approach ensures the integrity and objectivity of its benchmark calculation process.

Way Forward

The collaboration between oneZero and New Change FX signifies a pivotal stride towards enhancing clients’ access to unparalleled analytics and independent benchmark data. Both entities reaffirm their commitment to empowering traders with transparent, reliable, and performance-driven trading solutions by synergising their expertise.

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