OANDA Launches Integration with TradingView in the EU

OANDA is extending its partnership with TradingView to provide a more comprehensive, seamless trading experience. OANDA is a global leader in online multi-asset trading services. TradingView is a charting platform and social network for traders. European clients will be able to execute trades directly from TradingView charts after the integration.

OANDA Launches Integration with TradingViewInsights into the Partnership

The partnership has evolved to benefit European traders. OANDA’s European clients had restrictions on executing trades directly from the TradingView platform. OANDA has established a new subsidiary in Malta. It has lifted these restrictions. Clients will have more than 1,500 instruments. They also have advanced charting tools and a rich social networking community. 

Benefits for Traders

The integration will offer numerous benefits to traders:

Enhanced Trading Accessibility

Traders in the EU will have access to over 1,500 instruments directly from the TradingView charts after the integration. The trading process will now be simpler with a one-stop platform for analyzing and executing trades.

Advanced Charting and Analysis Tools

TradingView has advanced charting capabilities. OANDA’s clients can utilize these tools for detailed market analysis. It will encourage informed trading decisions and successful trading outcomes.

Streamlined Trading Process

This collaboration will enable trading directly from the TradingView platform. Traders can execute trades without switching between analysis and trading platforms. It benefits active traders who require quick responses to market changes.

Social Trading and Community Engagement

TradingView has an extensive social network for traders. OANDA’s clients can join this community and benefit from shared trade ideas, discussions, and strategies. It can provide new insights and learning opportunities to less experienced traders.

Diversified Trading Opportunities

The partnership expands the range of trading opportunities available to clients. TradingView allows traders to diversify their portfolios and better manage risk with multiple instruments and access to global markets.

About TradingView

TradingView offers multiple tools for charting, analysis, and trading. TradingView provides real-time data, market insights, and numerous analytical tools for users to make informed decisions. It also has a huge community of traders to share trade ideas and strategies. This partnership expands its utility and offers more comprehensive tools and resources. 


OANDA offers multi-asset trading services for forex and CFD trading. They provide multiple currency pairs, commodities, and indices. OANDA connects advanced trading technology with transparent pricing and customer-focused service. The company secured approvals for its new European subsidiary based in Malta, named ‘OANDA Europe Markets’ (OEM). OANDA wants to ensure compliance with regional regulatory frameworks. 

Looking Ahead

The collaboration will significantly impact the European trading market. It will revolutionize trading in the EU by streamlining processes, enhancing market analysis capabilities and promoting an informed decision-making approach.

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