NCM Investment Secures UAE SCA Category 1 License

Kuwait-based CFDs broker NCM Investment Company KSCC proudly announces a groundbreaking achievement – acquiring a Category 1 license from the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA). This development marks a significant milestone for NCM and underscores its unwavering commitment to excellence and leadership in the Middle East.

What Does it Mean for the Traders?

NCM’s Category 1 license from the UAE SCA marks a pivotal moment. It allows regulated operations in the UAE and accelerates global growth. The move widens NCM’s geographic footprint in regulated jurisdictions, strengthening its position in the financial industry.

Enhanced Security

Traders gain heightened security and confidence as NCM secures the Category 1 license from the UAE SCA. This regulatory milestone reflects NCM’s dedication to creating a secure environment for its clients, ensuring that their financial activities are conducted with the utmost safety.

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Regulated Platform for Market Navigation

The Category 1 license provides traders with a regulated platform to navigate the complexities of financial markets. NCM’s regulatory approval reinforces its commitment to industry standards, offering traders a trusted space to conduct transactions.

Strategic Expansion

NCM’s strategic expansion with a Category 1 license from the UAE SCA will enhance the trading environment and provide traders access to emerging markets and diverse trading opportunities.

Regional Growth

NCM’s Category 1 license is a milestone that contributes to regional growth. New markets, emerging trends, and regional economic developments offer traders opportunities for growth in a diverse trading environment.

About NCM

Established in Kuwait in 2009, the NCM Group operates in five regulated jurisdictions, boasting seven global offices and a diverse workforce of over 200 employees representing more than 25 nationalities. NCM offers a global reach with local services and a wide range of financial products.

Way Forward

The Category 1 license is a strategic move that propels NCM into a new era of growth and opportunity. With operations already established in Kuwait, Jordan, Turkey, and Malaysia, NCM is well-positioned to expand its global presence further. NCM’s collaboration with regulators and commitment to excellence promise a bright future for its global clients through innovative financial services.

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