MultiBank Group Announces the Launch of MEX Exchange

MultiBank Group, a leading online brokerage operator, has announced the launch of MEX Exchange, a groundbreaking Institutional Investor Electronic Communications Network (ECN) based in Dubai. The initiative aims to challenge the dominance of the USA and Europe in the global ECN market, positioning the MEX Exchange as a leading global venue.

About the MEX Exchange 

MultiBank Group has launched MEX Exchange, a pioneering Institutional Investor Electronic Communications Network (ECN) based in Dubai, marking the first global ECN originating from BRICS and GCC countries. This new platform, directed by MultiBank Founder Naser Taher and ECN pioneer David Ogg, aims to challenge the dominance of the USA and Europe in the ECN market. 

MEX Exchange provides banks and financial institutions in emerging markets with enhanced execution capabilities and localised products.

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What Does It Mean for Users?

Here is what traders can expect from the exchange launch. 

Enhanced Access to Emerging Markets

The launch of the MEX Exchange provides users, particularly institutional investors, with unprecedented access to financial markets in the BRICS and GCC regions. This move opens up new trading opportunities in areas that have traditionally been underrepresented in the global ECN landscape. It offers a broader range of investment options and potential for growth.

Advanced Trading Technology

Users of MEX Exchange will benefit from cutting-edge proprietary technology developed by a team of seasoned experts. This technology ensures robust and efficient trading execution, enabling users to perform trades with higher accuracy and speed. The platform’s advanced features, including Prime Brokerage facilities are for institutional investors to enhance their trading strategies and outcomes.

Localised Product Offerings

It means that users will have access to localised product offerings tailored to the specific needs of the BRICS and GCC markets. This localisation provides users with more relevant and effective trading tools, aligning their investment strategies with regional market dynamics.

Improved Execution Capabilities

Historically underserved financial institutions in emerging markets will now have access to the best execution capabilities through the MEX Exchange. This improvement means that users can expect better trade execution quality, reduced latency, and more competitive pricing. It collectively enhances their overall trading experience and profitability.

About MultiBank Group

MultiBank Group was established in California, USA, in 2005, and is currently headquartered in Dubai, UAE. The Group is regulated by more than 11 financial regulators across 5 continents. These include ASIC, AUSTRAC, BaFin, CIMA, FMA, FSC, HKCE, MAS, SCA, TFG, and VFSC. It offers advanced trading platforms and tight pricing in various online financial products. These include Forex, Metals, Shares, Indices, Commodities, and Cryptocurrenc CFDs.

Way Ahead

The launch is a significant advancement for MultiBank Group and the financial markets in the BRICS and GCC regions. MEX Exchange disrupt the traditional dominance of the USA and Europe in the global ECN market, heralding a new era in financial trading and execution capabilities.
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