Monex to Partner with Fiserv for Payments Exchange Integration

Monex USA is set to enhance its service offerings through a new partnership with Fiserv. This collaboration will see Monex USA integrate with Fiserv’s Payments Exchange for international wire transfers.

About the Payments Exchange Integration

Monex USA is partnering with Fiserv to integrate with its Payments Exchange platform, enabling financial institutions to utilise Monex USA’s foreign exchange services for international wire transfers. This collaboration aims to streamline the wire transfer process, facilitate end-to-end international transactions with one-step wire entry, and connect to multiple global financial networks. 

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What Does It Mean?

Here is what can be expected from the integration. 

Enhanced Service Offerings

With Monex USA integrating with Fiserv’s Payments Exchange, users will benefit from expanded service offerings. Financial institutions can now provide their clients with more comprehensive foreign exchange solutions, making international wire transfers more efficient and accessible.

Streamlined Wire Transfers

The integration will simplify the wire transfer process through straight-through processing and a paperless transaction environment. This means users can expect quicker and more streamlined international transactions, reducing the time and effort required to manage global payments.

One-Step Wire Entry for Foreign Exchange

Users will benefit from the ability to conduct end-to-end international wire transfers with a single step for foreign exchange. This functionality will help minimise the complexity and effort in managing cross-border payments, making the process more user-friendly.

Access to Multiple Payment Channels

Monex USA’s integration will connect users to multiple global financial networks, providing a single access point to various payment channels. This expanded connectivity ensures that users can execute international transactions more efficiently and flexibly.

About Monex USA

Monex USA is a leading financial services company headquartered in Washington, DC. With over 39 years of experience, Monex USA provides industry-leading foreign exchange, risk management, and global payment solutions to corporate clients across various industries. Monex USA is among the largest publicly traded commercial FX providers. They service over 70,000 individual and corporate clients.

Way Ahead

Monex USA’s integration with Fiserv’s Payments Exchange marks a significant milestone in its growth strategy. The partnership will enhance Monex USA’s services and streamline international wire transfers, positioning the company as a leading foreign exchange solutions provider. 
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