Michael Quirk Appointed as the Head of Sales at Go Xchange 

Michael Quirk, a seasoned executive in the FX and CFDs sectors, has been appointed as the new Head of Sales at Go Xchange, an FCA-regulated foreign exchange services provider.

About the Appointment 

Michael Quirk, a seasoned executive in the FX and CFDs sectors, has been appointed as the new Head of Sales at FCA-regulated foreign exchange services provider Go Xchange. He is based in London and has had a distinguished career in the FX industry. He began his journey in 2008 at Saxo Bank in a sales role. After a successful five-year tenure at Saxo, he became the Institutional Sales Manager for XTB’s X Open Hub unit. 

His career then saw him take a brief stint with ThinkMarkets’ ThinkPrime unit, followed by a significant role as Head of Sales for SquaredFinancial’s SquaredPro B2B division from 2016 to 2020. Most recently, he served as Head of Sales for ForexVox, an offshore CFDs broker that recently rebranded to MarketsVox.

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What Does It Mean for Users?

Here is what traders can expect after the appointment. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

Michael Quirk’s extensive background in sales and leadership within the FX and CFDs industry means users can expect a more refined and customer-focused experience at Go Xchange. His expertise in institutional sales and understanding of market dynamics will likely translate into improved customer service and more personalised client solutions.

Innovative Product Offerings

With Quirk’s history of driving sales and fostering innovation at companies like Saxo Bank, XTB, and SquaredFinancial, users can anticipate new and enhanced product offerings at Go Xchange. His experience will be key in introducing innovative financial products and services tailored to the diverse needs of Go Xchange’s clientele.

Improved Service Efficiency

Quirk’s leadership will streamline Go Xchange’s sales processes and operations. This efficiency will likely lead to quicker response times, more effective communication, and smoother transactions, enhancing the overall user experience.

Compliance and Security

Quirk’s experience with FCA-regulated entities ensures a continued commitment to compliance and security at Go Xchange. Users can trust that the company will adhere to regulations and protect their transactions under stringent money laundering rules.

About Go Xchange

Go Xchange offers comprehensive payment and foreign currency exchange services. For clients based in different regions (European Economic Area, United States, United Kingdom, and rest of the world), Go Xchange ensures compliance with local regulatory requirements through partnerships with entities like CurrencyCloud B.V., The Currency Cloud Inc, and Global Currency Exchange Network Ltd T/A GC Partners.

Way Ahead

Head of Sales, Michael Quirk, is positioning Go Xchange for significant growth and an enhanced market presence. His extensive experience and strategic vision are expected to drive innovation and expand the company’s client base. This appointment marks a pivotal step in Go Xchange’s journey towards becoming a leading foreign exchange services industry player.
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