Michael Nichols Appointed as CCO of Match-Prime Liquidity

After opening a representative office in Dubai earlier this year, Match-Trade Technologies and Match-Prime, its strategic partner, have announced major management changes and appointed Michael Nichols as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). These adjustments aim to bolster their operations and presence in the MENA region.

About the Appointment 

Match-Trade Technologies and Match-Prime have announced significant management changes to strengthen their presence in the MENA region. Michael Nichols, formerly head of Sales at Match-Trade, will become the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Match-Prime Liquidity, focusing on expanding their Dubai operations. In his place, Przemysław Wojtyna will become the new Sales team lead in the company. 

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What Does It Mean for Users?

Here is what this new appointment means for users of the platform. 

Enhanced Market Access

With Michael Nichols taking on the role of Chief Commercial Officer at Match-Prime Liquidity, traders can expect improved access to the MENA region. His focus on expanding the business in Dubai will facilitate more face-to-face interactions with clients, potentially leading to better support and customised solutions for traders in this market.

Seamless Technology Integration

These strategic management changes reinforce the collaboration between Match-Trade Technologies and Match-Prime Liquidity. It aims to provide a seamless integration of trading technologies. This means traders benefit from state-of-the-art trading platforms and payment processors offering a comprehensive and efficient trading experience.

Expanded Opportunities

The strategic reshuffling and opening of the Dubai office indicate expanded opportunities for traders in the MENA region. With a stronger local presence, traders can expect more tailored services and opportunities to capitalize on the growing market in this region.

About Match-Prime

Match-Prime is a financial services company that specialises in providing liquidity and brokerage solutions to institutional clients. It focuses on delivering customized liquidity offerings for hedge funds, banks, and professional traders. Match-Prime leverages cutting-edge technology to ensure low latency and reliability in trade executions. 

About Match-Trade

Match-Trade Technologies is a fully integrated forex technology provider and the creator of the Match-Trader platform. It provides a comprehensive White Label with a Client Office for traders and a Forex CRM for brokers, aimed at streamlining operations and improving user experience. It has a presence in multiple strategic locations across the globe.

Way Ahead

Match-Prime Liquidity’s recent leadership changes are pivotal in strengthening its foothold in the MENA region. With Michael Nichols driving growth in Dubai and Przemysław Wojtyna leading global sales, the company is set for continued innovation and market expansion. 
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