MetaQuotes Redesigns MT5 Interface for Android Devices

MetaQuotes has launched a modern redesign of the MT5 interface for Android-based tablet devices. This latest version is available through the platform’s Live Update system.

MetaQuotes Redesigns MT5 InterfaceAbout the Redesign

The redesign takes inspiration from the iOS and web versions of the platform. It will enhance user experience and accessibility. Key changes include:

Main Sections Relocated

The main sections of the platform, such as Quotes, Charts, Trade, History, and News, have been repositioned to the bottom of the screen for easy navigation.

Chart Operation Commands

The new update has positioned commands for operating charts, such as opening new charts and managing existing ones, on the left side of the interface, providing a more intuitive layout.

Context Menu Addition

A new context menu feature allows users to quickly access the trading dialog or charts directly from the position history section. 

Command Adjustments

A notable change in command functionalities is a hidden command for non-tradable symbols. It switches to the trading dialog, simplifying the user experience.

Terminal Crash Fixes

Addressed issues causing terminal crashes, enhancing the overall reliability of the platform.

Browser Compatibility

Improved compatibility with various browsers ensures a consistent user experience across different devices.

MQL5 Property Operation Fixes

Resolved issues related to MQL5 property operations, enhancing the platform’s scripting capabilities and automated trading functions.

Benefits for Traders 

The launch will offer several benefits to traders and investors:

Enhanced Accessibility 

The redesigned MT5 interface relocates main sections to the bottom of the screen and positions chart operation commands on the left, making navigation more intuitive. This allows traders to access essential features more quickly, enhancing their trading efficiency.

Quick Access to Trading Functions

The new context menu feature enables traders to access the trading dialog or charts directly from the position history section. This reduces the time to execute trades and manage positions, providing a more seamless trading experience.

Improved Performance and Stability

The updated MT5 platform offers greater stability, with fixes for terminal crashes and enhanced browser compatibility. It ensures that traders can rely on the platform for uninterrupted trading.

Simplified Command Functions

Adjustments to command functionalities, such as the hidden command for non-tradable symbols now switching to the trading dialog, streamline the user experience. This simplification helps traders focus more on their trading strategies than on navigating complex commands.

Faster Updates and Access to New Features

Updated MetaTrader 5 Platform (build 4410) via the Live Update system ensures traders can quickly access the latest features and enhancements. 

About MetaQuotes

MetaQuotes is a fintech company established in 2000. It develops software for financial markets, most notably the MetaTrader trading platforms. MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) are prevalent for Forex, CFD, and futures trading. MetaQuotes’ software offers real-time trading, market analysis, and automated trading through Expert Advisors. The company aims to provide advanced, reliable, and user-friendly trading tools. 


The redesigned MT5 interface will provide a modern layout, improve command functionalities, and improve performance. These updates will enhance the trading experience and make it more intuitive and efficient. 

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